Strange but true - it's just a humble lamppost, but one with quite a history. Are you curious?

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The Hernández Park Lamppost

Modest but important.

At one of the far ends of this broad open space is a simple lamppost, and therein lies a tale that is, believe it or not, worth a visit. In 1902 the park was inaugurated by (and named afer) the head of Melilla's military High Command, Venancio Hernández Fernández. After his death, the Telegrama del Rif newspaper started a drive to finance a monument to the general, with contributions "from 10 cents up to two pesetas." Local citizens raised 649 pesetas and the city government kicked in the rest to cover the 1,500-peseta cost of the lamppost. This modest monument was first installed in 1909 in the park's central promenade but in subsequent years has been moved several times ever further out.

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