The Príncipe and Concepción Arenal neighbourhoods

After Barcelona, Melilla has the most Modernista architecture of any Spanish city, and these neighbourhoods are a perfect example.

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The Príncipe and Concepción Arenal neighbourhoods

Modernism rules!

These two neighbourhoods are an integral part of Modernista Melilla, and walking their streets will make amply clear that outside of Barcelona, nowhere else in Spain has more Modernista architecture than this city - literally dozens of examples on just a few streets. To cite just a few: the old Red Cross headquarters or the curious building known as the Milkdrop, located in the Centro Asistencial social services centre. On Calle Aizpuru you'll find another construction with a look out supported by small elephant heads, while if you head left on Calle Querol you'll get a good view of the city bullring, and continuing onward to Plaza de Velázquez, you'll spot a series of buildings of so-called "aerodynamic architecture," characterised especially by an abundance of horizontal and vertical straight lines.

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