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We help you organise your trip from start to finish. We process your travel proof. Find out your rights and our recommendations for safe browsing.

How to plan your trip step by step

We try to give you as much help as possible to make your travel preparations easier. Check all the steps to follow to organise your journey from start to finish, practically and easily. We guide you from the moment you buy your ticket until the moment you arrive at your destination airport.

How do I request proof of having flown, been delayed or having my flight cancelled?

You can get a receipt on under Request receipt.

State the reason for the receipt requested:

  • Proof of travel.

  • Proof of no travel.

  • Proof of delayed flight.

  • Proof of cancelled flight.

Flight passenger list

Sorry, for safety reasons and compliance with data protection laws, we cannot give you that information.

Do you know your passenger rights?

The European Union has established certain rights for air passengers and is committed to safeguarding them. These are your principal rights.

Advertising at Iberia

The Iberia Media website contains all the information you need about our advertising media: platforms, audience profiles, official rates, etc.

Safety recommendations

Following several "phishing" incidents, or attempts to supplant the identity of our company, please note that Iberia will never send you an email asking you to supply your personal details or passwords.

"Phising" is a common scam on the internet whereby attackers send fraudulent emails that appear to come from reputable sources like banks, financial institutions or companies involved in online payments and purchases, etc. These emails offer fake promotions or perks on behalf of the company in question to commit crimes such as identity theft and money extraction. They invariably include a link that takes the user to a supposedly legitimate website that is actually a copy of the original site. Once there, the user is asked to supply confidential information.

Here are some recommendations for avoiding this scam:

  • Always check the source of the information. Never reply to an email asking for personal or financial information.

  • Check that the website you are browsing is a secure address. For example, it must always start with https:// and you should see a little closed padlock in your browser status bar.

If you receive a suspicious communication about a booking you have not made, or the record locator does not coincide with the one we gave you when you completed the purchasing process, delete the communication. For further clarification, don't hesitate to contact your Iberia Plus Customer Service Centre.

If you have received an email of the type described here and have entered your personal details on a fraudulent website, we advise you to go to and change the login password to your Iberia account and any other services that you access with that password. In fact, we recommend that you use a different password for different services.

Customer Service Level Agreement

Check the Customer Service Level Agreement we signed in 2002 to provide customers with detailed information about our basic service standards.

What is our Personal Data Protection Policy?

Iberia is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information. Read our Privacy Policy to find out more about how we use your personal data.

If you want to change or access your personal data, please fill in a data processing personales request and we will answer as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that the response time for these requests, by law, is up to 1-2 months if the requests are complex.

Iberia Jobs

Go to our Job portal to check vacancies and manage your applications.

Press Room

Visit the Press room on our corporate website to see new views and content.

Iberia as a sponsor

If you think Iberia might be interested in sponsoring your project, please complete our sponsorship form (in Spanish or English).
We recommend that you only send one application so that we can respond to you faster. We'll study your proposal and give you an answer as soon as possible.

Courses to lose the fear of flying

We cannot offer any courses at this moment as they are temporarily unavailable.

Where can I see al the FAQs?

Find answers to all your questions about bookings, purchases, payments, check-in, luggage, documents and everything you need for your flight in our Help section.

Travel Club Points

For all enquiries related to the Travel Club card, please contact Travel Club directly on 91 387 4387 . Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.