Additional baggage

Allowance for tickets purchased before 1st July 2016.

Flights with origin or destination Central America, South America (1), Asia or South Africa

Flights operated by AA, BA or IB with origin, destination or transit through the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico or Canada.

Flights, to/from Africa (2) (except South Africa) and the Middle East

Domestic and European flights


(1) To/from Brazil, 2 pieces are permitted on all economy classes. The authorised weight per suitcase will be 32 kg instead of up to 23 kg, with this benefit being applied to both the outbound and return trip. Additional baggage will have a single cost of €120 or USD 120 per piece.
To/from Colombia or Peru and with origin/destination Spain, 2 pieces of 23 kg. Flights with code IB7XXX operated by Lan between Lima and Madrid are excluded.

(2) There is a free baggage allowance of 3 items in Business Class and 2 items in Economy Class to/from Senegal and Equatorial Guinea . Only one additional item of luggage is permitted to/from these destinations, at a flat rate of €200/USD 220 per item (to/from Equatorial Guinea €100/USD110).

(3) Tickets issued with a residents fare in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla will incur a €15/USD17 excess weight charge on the first suitcase, except flights code IB5000.

(4) Tickets issued with discount for residents in the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla in Basic economy or economy Express have the first addicional piece of 23 kg luggage free.

(5) To/from Paris Orly (ORY) the price online for the first item of luggage is €20/USD22.
On flights between Las Palmas/Tenerife and Brussels, Geneva, Munich, Rome, Venice or Zurich and vice versa, the first suitcase, online, costs €20/USD22 and the second, at the airport, costs €70/USD75.

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