Lithium batteries

Transporting lithium batteries is limited by their characteristics and depends on whether they are installed in equipment or if you wish to carry them as spares.

Ilustración de baterías de litio

Check the types of batteries table to see whether you can take them as carry-on or checked baggage.

When you check in a battery installed in a laptop, camera, mobile phone or similar, you must disconnect it and take steps to ensure it cannot be accidentally activated.

The terminals for all spare batteries that you carry in your hand baggage must be protected to prevent against short circuits . Use the original packing material to protect terminals or individual plastic bags for each battery.

Spare batteries cannot be placed in checked baggage.

Types of lithium batteries

A lithium battery can be transported on the aircraft depending on whether it is installed in equipment and on its Watt hour capacity (for rechargeable batteries) or lithium (LC) content (for non-rechargeable batteries).

Examples of Lithium Batteries Capacity(1) Configuration Hand baggage Checked baggage

Small batteries

Baterías y pilas pequeñas

Small lithium batteries

This group includes batteries for mobile phones, wristwatches, MP3 players and similar, internal laptop batteries and so on. The nominal maximum capacity for this type of battery is 100 Wh.

≤ 100 Wh or (2 gr)

Installed in equipment



As a spare

Yes (maximum 4)


Medium-sized batteries

baterías medianas

Medium-sized lithium batteries

For example, long-life batteries for computers, batteries used with professional audiovisual equipment, etc. This type of battery delivers between 100 and 160 Wh energy.

>100 Wh ≤160 Wh

Installed in equipment



As a spare

Yes (maximum 2)


Large batteries

baterías de gran tamaño

Large lithium batteries

These are mainly the ones used in certain electrical or hybrid vehicles, such as wheelchairs, scooters and bicycles. A large rechargeable battery delivers more than 160 Wh of energy.

They should be packed and carried as cargo in accordance with IATA’s dangerous goods regulations.

(1) Watt hour capacity (Wh) or (Lithium Content)

To convert Amp hours (Ah) into Watt hours (Wh), multiply Ah x Voltage.

And remember

  • Spare batteries cannot be checked in.
  • Insulate terminals to prevent short circuits.
  • If you check the equipment, make sure it cannot be accidentally activated.