Musical instruments

Allowance for tickets purchased as of 1 June 2016
Musical instruments that do not exceed the standard measurements 30x120x38 cm. may be carried with you in the cabin.

Carriage requirements:

As carry-on baggage:

Musical instruments under 30x120x38 cm (standard guitar measurements) may be carried in the cabin as the sole piece of permitted carry-on baggage.*

As checked baggage:

A musical instrument can be checked in as part of the passenger’s personal baggage allowance. The maximum permitted measurements are 190x75x65cm with a maximum weight of 45kg**. If the weight is 23 Kg to 32Kg an excess weight surcharge will apply. If the weight is 32 Kg to 45 Kg, it will always be considered excess baggage**. If the musical instrument is in addition to the permitted checked baggage the same surcharges as established for other equipment will apply*.

On an extra seat:

If you wish to use an extra seat to carry a musical instrument, please contact your Iberia Bookings Centre, where you be informed of the permitted maximum measurements for your journey and will be told whether or not its carriage is allowed.

* For flights operated by Iberia Regional Air Nostrum or Vueling (IB8XXX and IB5XXX), these companies’ specific regulations will apply.

**Except on flights with origin in Brussels, where the maximum permitted weight for check-in of any type of luggage is 32 kg.