Ski equipment

Allowance for tickets purchased as of 1 June 2016
For snow and water. They can be carried in the hold free if they are part of your free checked baggage allowance.


In terms of carriage, these comprise:


A pair of skis and ski poles or a snowboard or monoski, plus a pair of ski boots and bindings. A pair of standard size water-skis or a slalom water-ski.


Conditions of acceptance on the flight


All ski equipment should be properly positioned and fastened so it does not bother or injure other people during boarding, carriage and disembarkation.


Free carriage conditions


Ski equipment is considered an item that can be carried within the passenger’s baggage allowance. If you add other items, exceeding the permitted number of free items, it will be considered excess baggage.


In accordance with Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority ANAC regulation, for (return) flights originating in Brazil it will always be considered excess baggage. A charge of USD 81 applies for the first piece of ski equipment. A charge of USD 120 applies to the second piece of ski equipment.


*If your operator is not Iberia, check carriage conditions and allowances with the company. On IB5000 (Vueling) point-to-point routes or flights that connect one IB5000 flight with another IB5000 flight, the cost will be €45 per leg.