Surf, windsurf, kite board and body board equipment

Allowance for tickets purchased as of 1 June 2016
A board and/or chute with some exceptions regarding standard measurements.

In terms of carriage, they are defined as:

Surf equipment: a surfboard that is not more than 2.5 m long.

Body board: a board.

Windsurfing: a board (max. 2.5 m long), boom, luff, mast and sail all packed together.

Kite board: a board and a chute.

Only one piece of equipment per passenger will be accepted.

Given the nature of this equipment, the passenger should go to the airport with enough time to check in their equipment, have it carried to the aircraft and stored in the hold.

Acceptance for the flight

Its carriage will be subject to availability of space on the flight. All items should be properly positioned and packed, fastened to prevent breakage or cause problems or injury during boarding, carriage and disembarkation.

Loading equipment

Considering its characteristics, which normally make it impossible for them to ride the baggage belts, it is up to the company's personnel to decide whether to use a system that facilitates the carriage of this equipment from the check-in area to the aircraft. Any expenses that might arise for this special handling will be met by the passenger.


It will always be treated as excess baggage with a fixed charge of €150 in each direction, payable exclusively at the airport. When the trip originates in America, Nigeria or Israel, the charge will be USD 150.

In accordance with Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority ANAC regulation, for (return) flights originating in Brazil the following will be applied: Surf equipment is not included under the baggage allowance and involves a charge of USD 60. Additional equipment will be charged USD 120/per unit.

On IB5000 (Vueling) point-to-point routes or flights that connect one IB5000 flight with another IB5000 flight, the cost will be €45 per leg.

Different charges, taxes or fees may apply, depending on the laws of each country

* Different charges, taxes or fees may apply, depending on the laws of each country.

* If your operator is not Iberia, check carriage conditions and allowances with the company.