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Recommendations for unaccompanied minor passengers

Bear in mind that aeronautical regulations restrict the number of unaccompanied minors who may travel on an aircraft. We therefore recommend booking well in advance.

You can request this service through the Iberia website, by telephone, or in person at the airport, depending on how soon you contact us before the departure of the flight:

  • Up to 72 hours before:
    Through Iberia.com on business days from Monday to Friday (in countries where the service is available).

    By telephone: 02 036 843 774 (spanish & english) 00:00 - 24:00 Lt. Monday to Sunday
  • Up to 24 hours before. For last-minute requests on Friday for flights the following Monday morning:
    Contact Serviberia: 02 036 843 774 (spanish & english) 00:00 - 24:00 Lt. Monday to Sunday
    or our offices at the airport.
  • Less than 24 hours before:
    You can only request this service in person at our airport offices, provided that the flight occupancy and the regulations for minors travelling alone permit it.

    Except for flights from London-Heathrow (Terminal 5), where requests must be made at least 48 hours before the departure of the flight.

  • Book with sufficient advance notice to guarantee the service
    This will allow you to prepare the journey and bring all the required documentation, download mandatory responsibility, in a way that the presentation times in the airport will be comfortable for you and the minor. Consult our staff when the ticket is issued.

    Arriving at the Madrid airport:
    Contact the Minor Attention Service, next to check in counter number 829 (826-829 in high season) where our agents will assist you.
    60 minutes for flights with departure from T4 (domestic and Schengen area destinations. Zones: H, J, K and M).
    90 minutes for flights with departure from T4S (non-Schengen and intercontinental destinations. Zones: R,S,U connected by train with NET).
    120 minutes if you still have to fill out the liability waiver.

    Unaccompanied minor procedure at London-Heathrow airport :
    2 hours before departure proceed to T5 departures Special Assistance Zone G for the unaccompanied minors “Omniserve” desk, identified with a totem as “Iberia Unaccompanied minor meeting point”. Paperwork will be checked here.
    The unaccompanied minor is advised to bring a copy of the ticket and unaccompanied minor fee receipt. The accompanying adult must remain at the airport terminal until 30 minutes after the departure of the flight.

    For the other network airports, we recommend that you arrive at the airport 60 to 150 minutes ahead of the flight's departure time depending on the destination (add 30 more minutes if you have not filled out the liability waiver).

    More information

    During the 24 hours prior to the flight departure, you can request the service in our airport offices, as long as the flight occupancy and the acceptance regulation for minors on board permit it.
  • Make sure the child has an additional copy of phone numbers.
    Contact phone numbers both in the origin and destination facilitate and help us to inform you of any questions or setbacks without delay.
    We will provide the minor with a bag that the child must always have visible with all the documentation and boarding card. This identification is essential for the child's security and safekeeping both on the ground and in the air.
  • Dress the smallest children in comfortable and appropriate clothing.
    Avoid zippers, buttons, belts, shoes with laces or any type of accessory which could be uncomfortable when passing through security controls and/or toilets if possible.
  • Luggage
    We recommend checking in all the minor’s luggage for their comfort. If a hand bag is needed, it must be small and light enough so that the minor can carry it easily alone. Prevent situations from occurring which may be violent and incomprehensible for the child by NOT introducing objects in their hand luggage which do not comply with airline regulations or which could be susceptible to incorrect understanding by airport security agents.
    In the check-in area, the luggage will be labelled as priority so that it receives preferential delivery at the destination.

Very Important
Iberia will not be responsible for any child who wears shoes with wheels included, skates or any other “element” that puts the child's safety or the safety of other passengers in their path in danger or which could make their safeguarding difficult. For this reason, we ask that you take into account these elements to prevent their use during flight.