Cheap flights from Bogota to Algiers

Bogota airport

El Dorado International

Place: Fontibón-Engativá View map

How to get to the airport: The airport can be accessed via the urban bus services.

Terminals: Terminals 1 and 2.

Algiers airport

Houari Boumedienne International

Place: Dar El Beida, about 20 kilometres from the centre of Algiers  View map

How to get to the city: Entry to and exit from the airport by car is on the N5 route, or by bus, taxi or metro, using the L1.

Terminals: The airport has three terminals, T1, T2, T3.

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Useful information if you're flying to Algiers

Hola Algiers!

If you have booked one of our cheap flights to Algiers, read on to hear about the places you simply cannot miss in this city. At the very heart of the city is Place de la Grande Poste, consisting of several squares, sculptures, monuments and gardens. Walking along the promenade, you can take in several of the most emblematic buildings in the city such as Algiers City Hall, the National People's Assembly, Port Said Square or the Lighthouse of the Admiralty.

A stroll through the old kasbah, the medina of Algiers, will transport you into a typical mediaeval labyrinth that is dripping in Berber culture. The oldest building in the city is the Palace of the Dey (Mohamed Taleb), a superb palace complex built between the 10th and 16th centuries that is part palace, part fortress and part mosque. From here you can visit the medina through Bab Djedid and start wandering to discover its secrets and its decadent air at your own pace. Book our best flight deals to Algiers, and get ready to be surprised!