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Registration conditions at iberia.com

General conditions applicable to customers joining iberia database and terms of use for registered customers of the private area at iberia.com


The website www.iberia.com (the "Website") is owned by IBERIA LÍNEAS AÉREAS DE ESPAÑA, S.A. OPERADORA Single-shareholder Company, with corporate address in Madrid (28027, Spain), Calle Martínez Villergas nº 49 and with VAT code (ES) A85850394. The use of the Website or its content, as well as the entry of a registered customer of Iberia (an "Iberia Customer" or a "Registered Customer") to his private area within said Website and his activity in said area (the "Private Area”) implies the acceptance and commitment to comply with the terms of these General Conditions. The acceptance of these General Conditions is necessary and required to access the benefits available for Registered Customers.

The purpose of these General Conditions (the “General Conditions”) is to establish the rules applicable to the registration of clients in the Iberia database and to the use of the online Private Area of Registered Customers.

1. Applicability of the terms and conditions of the iberia.com website

As a general rule, the terms and conditions for the use of the Website displayed at https://www.iberia.com/es/legal-information/ will also apply to Iberia Customers when they use and browse through the Website and/or their Private Area therein.

In case of contradiction or discrepancy between such terms and conditions and these General Conditions, the latter shall prevail in the relationship between Iberia and its Registered Customers.

2. Free decision. Advantages of registering as a registered customer

Registering as a customer on the Iberia Website is a purely voluntary act that per se is necessary to neither browse the Website nor contract goods or services in the Website.

However, customers who voluntarily choose to register as a Registered Customer will have access to certain advantages, such as the following:

  • We will keep the personal information that you want us to know so that you can easily use it in future flight bookings and interactions with Iberia through our Website and other channels, such as our app.

  • You can modify said information through the interfaces enabled in the Website Private Area

  • You will have access, through your Private Area, to the history of your flight bookings with Iberia to the extent that Iberia is legally bound to keep said information or has decided to keep it for a longer period for a reason of caution.

  • Through your Private Area you will have access to and you will be able to manage the flight bookings that you may still have pending with Iberia.

  • We will use the contact information you choose to provide us to keep you informed on eventual changes or circumstances affecting your booked flights

  • You will be able to self-manage, according to your own preferences at any given time, the type of commercial communications you wish to receive from Iberia, as well as the channels through which you will receive them. You can also indicate that you do not wish to receive any type of commercial communication.

  • If you wish, you can easily sign up for our "Iberia Plus" Loyalty Program with just one click.

The benefits available and the features of the Private Area may vary over time.

The actual use of the Private Area for Registered Customers is free, regardless of the payment obligations that may be assumed with Iberia for purchases and/or bookings or ticket issues and other related services that you carry out through the Website having identified yourself as Registered Customers. In view of this free nature, as a Registered Customer you waive at the time of registering to carry out any type of claim against Iberia in cases in which, for whatever reason, the use of your Private Area or of the Website in general is not possible or has been suspended for a more or less prolonged period. In such cases and to the extent possible, Iberia will try to establish alternative channels to facilitate the use of the functions of your Private Area that might be temporarily not available.

Iberia, as administrator and owner of the Website, may at any time and at its discretion make any changes to the Website and these General Conditions that it deems appropriate or necessary.

3. Process of signing-up as an iberia customer. Custody of account credentials. Signing out as a registered customer

Signing up as a Registered Customer only requires providing an email address that you own, or that you are authorized to use by its owner to sign up and for you to receive future communications from Iberia. Also, to register you need to confirm, at least, that you are of legal age. This information is necessary to have you enrolled as a Registered Customer. If you prefer not to provide it, please do not continue with the sign-up process.

Later you can also complete or enrich your profile by providing us with the data you deem appropriate. We will try to use this information to get to know you better and offer you a more personalized, useful and/or pleasant customer experience. All the information you provide us, you will provide us freely and wilfully.

Both during the sign-up process and during the time you remain as a Registered Customer, you commit to providing us true, correct, complete and lawful information about yourself and your identity, and to keep said information permanently updated. When you register, you will need to create a password that you will need to use, along with your email address, every time you want to access your Private Area on the Website (your "Credentials").

You commit to diligently guard your Credentials, to keep them secret and not to disclose them to any third party so that you: i) maintain full control and responsibility regarding access to your Private Area; and ii) preserve the confidentiality of the information that you have provided us and/or that otherwise appears in your Private Area. You must neither provide your Credentials to third parties, either temporarily or permanently, nor allow access to the portal with said Credentials to any third party.

If at any time you become aware or suspect that the confidentiality or security of your Credentials has been breached, or that third parties are accessing your Private Area without your authorisation, you must immediately notify Iberia so that your account is blocked and/or or your Credentials are refreshed. Otherwise, you will be solely responsible for the consequences of an illegal use of your Credentials to access your Private Area (for example: contracting unwanted booking, modification or cancellation of your existing bookings, accrual of penalties, fraudulent use of the conditions and portal resources, illicit access to passenger data or unwanted modification of your data).

You can unsubscribe as a Registered Customer at any time, either through your Private Area or through any other channel that we might have enabled -such as our online web form for exercising data protection rights. We will try to respond to your request immediately, although it may take some time for the corresponding order to propagate through our systems. Once you have requested to unsubscribe, the process will be irreversible and we will not be able to reactivate your account later on if you change your mind. However, in those cases you could always sign-up again.

4. Commitments you assume as a registered customer. Use of the private area and the website

You must agree to comply with the recommendations and instructions that Iberia may provide in relation to the use of the Website or your Private Area.

You must also agree to use the conditions and contents of the Website in a diligent, correct and lawful manner, and in particular: i) refrain from using the contents for purposes or effects contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good customs or to public order; ii) reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any form of public communication; iii) transform or modify the contents, unless you have the authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights or this is legally permitted; iv) use the contents and, in particular, the information of any kind obtained through the Website or your Private Area with any other kind of commercial purpose.

You accept that all the Content of the Website is the property of Iberia, and that your acceptance of these General Conditions or the use you make of the Private Area does not transfer any title to any of its contents or any property rights over them, which are reserved in favour of Iberia in any case.

You must comply with all our indications and instructions regarding your access to the content of the Website and your Private Area. You will not copy, publish, disclose or make available to third parties the data and information contained therein in any unauthorized way or manner, considering it as Confidential Information. As we have already indicated, you must take all necessary precautions to protect your Credentials and prevent unauthorized access to your Private Area and to the information available therein.

Without prejudice to any other rights that assist us -whether by application of the law or in any other way-, we reserve the right to suspend or deny you access to the Private Area, immediately and without notice, whenever we believe -at our absolute discretion- that you, or the people who access or make use of access to the Private Area on your behalf, are in breach of these General Conditions or the terms and conditions established for the use of the Website, or make illegal, fraudulent, abusive or malicious use of its contents. In this sense, the content of the Website or the Private Area may not be used, sold, disclosed, licensed, provided or accessed for any other purpose that has not been expressly authorized by Iberia, nor may it be combined, associated, synthesized or reverse engineered to the contents of the Private Area or the Website.

5. Processing of personal data – data protection policy

By providing these data to us you are guaranteeing that said data are correct, complete and true, also committing yourself to keep it updated while you remain a Registered Customer.

You must also guarantee that you are the owner of the contact data provided (email address, and telephone number if applicable), or that you have the necessary permissions to allow Iberia to use them to contact you.

You can update your data and/or unsubscribe as a Registered Customer through the means that have been enabled for such purposes in the Private Area.

As our customer, we will also apply the principles stated in our personal data protection policy available at https://www.iberia.com/es/privacy-information/ to the processing of your data as a Registered Client, and therefore you will also enjoy the same rights. Please consult that section to learn about them in more detail. Thank you.

Before you provide us with data of other people, for example, when making a flight booking or ordering additional services on their behalf on our Website or through your Private Area, you must first:

  • i) Have informed each of them on the communication that you will make of their data in favour of Iberia, the purpose of said communication and the treatments that Iberia will carry out, informing them of Iberia's data protection policy available at https://www.iberia.com/es/privacy-information/; and

  • ii) Have obtained from each of them the necessary consents to carry out the communication of their data, especially with regard to sending electronic communications for operational or service purposes related to the reservation of flights that you have made on their behalf.

In all these cases, you agree to hold Iberia harmless from any liability arising from any claim in this regard by any of those people on behalf of whom you are acting on our Website.

6. Miscellaneous. Jurisdiction and competent jurisdiction.

The headings of the different sections of these General Conditions are for information only, and will not affect, qualify or expand the interpretation of the conditions they encompass.

In the event that any provision of these General Conditions was considered invalid or inapplicable, in whole or in part, by any Court, Tribunal or competent administrative body, such nullity or non-application will not affect the rest of provisions.

The lack of exercise or execution by Iberia of any right or provision contained in these General Conditions shall not constitute a waiver thereof, unless acknowledged and agreed upon in writing by Iberia.

These General Conditions will be construed in accordance with Spanish common law in everything that is not expressly regulated herein, and in accordance with the terms and conditions established for the use of the Website.

For the resolution of any discrepancy related to our relationship with you derived from the interpretation or execution of these General Conditions or the use of the Private Area, the Spanish courts and tribunals will be competent, preferably those of Madrid capital city (Spain).