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    Lisbon airport


    Place: Portela de Sacavém View map

    How to get to the city: Access to the airport is possible via a number of bus and metro routes and taxis.

    Terminals: The airport has two civil aviation terminals and one military terminal.

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    Hola, Lisbon!

    Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its typical white houses with red roofs. Built on the remains of an ancient volcanic field, its historic centre is made up of seven hills. You'll find wonderful public spaces like Praça do Rossio (the city's nerve centre, full of cafés and restaurants) and Praça do Comércio. The Portuguese capital boasts other historical and architectural jewels like Torre de Belem, the cathedral and the Jerónimos Monastery, but it's St George's Castle, with its privileged location and majestic views, that really brings home Lisbon's status as the gateway to Europe.

    Although the city's famous trams have become a symbol of the city, walking is also a great plan: you can explore the narrow streets and stop at a café or two to enjoy coffee and cake, or, if you fancy a larger meal, pick one of the restaurants where they serve delicious “bacalhau” dishes. Book your cheap flight to Lisbon now and enjoy a unique experience!

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