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What documentation do I need to enter the United Kingdom from 1 October 2021?

As of 1 October, you will need your valid passport to enter the United Kingdom if you are a citizen of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland. National ID Cards will no longer be a valid document to travel to this destination, except for those who became residents in the United Kingdom before 31 December 2020.

What documentation do I need to present to fly?

According to the regulation introduced by the National Airport Security Committee of the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority, we must ask all our passengers, regardless of their destination, to show their National ID Card, passport or driving licence issued in Spain to verify that their identity matches the information on their ticket and boarding pass.
Check the documents that you must provide at the check-in desks and boarding gates in order to confirm them.

Do I need to fill in an "ESTA" form to enter the United States?

If you are going to travel to or in transit through the United States, be advised that citizens of the countries included in the Visa Waiver Programme "ESTA" must apply for an electronic travel authorisation. It costs US$14 and is valid for two years. It is best to complete the registration procedure a minimum of 72 hours before the flight departs in order to get official authorisation in time. We recommend that you carry a printed copy of the authorisation together with all the other necessary documents for your trip.

Here you can get detailed information about ESTA

Airlines are required by law to provide the US authorities with the details of passengers on flights to the US through the Advance Passenger Information (API) system. You can do it any time prior to your flight at Manage your booking.

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Request a voucher

You can request a voucher for the total ticket amount (including ancillaries) and spend it on one or more subsequent purchases with Iberia Group

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Time limit

You have a certain amount of time before your flight departs to get your ticket and check your baggage

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