Wifi on board

Iberia has wifi installed on 90% of it’s fleet. There are 2 ways to enjoy the wifi: 

  • Free connectivity for text messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram or Viber. Available for all customers travelling in Business class and Iberia Plus members, including anyone that signs up to be a member during the flight. 

  • Paid internet service for browsing and email access or messaging.   

How do I connect?

  • Set your personal device to airplane mode.

  • Then select the Iberia wifi network.

  • The wifi portal will open automatically. If this does not happen, please scan the QR code on the seats or if you prefer, you can type the following URL in your browser: shop.iberia.com.

  • In the portal you will see when the connectivity is available, as shown below:


    Image showing the confirmation of available connection screen


When is Internet service available during the flight?

The Iberia wifi network is always available, even on the ground, but the internet service is activated once the flight reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet. That occurs a few minutes after the seatbelt sign goes off.


The rates will depend on the route and the type of plane in which you are travelling. Connect once you are on board and decide the best plan for your needs. If you buy a browsing package, you'll receive the invoice at the email address you entered when you made your purchase. Here are the browsing plans you can enjoy during the flight:

  • Messaging all flight: Free for Business and IB Plus customers

  • Messaging 1 hour: €3.49

  • Messaging all flight: €3.49–€5.99

  • Browse and Streaming 1 hour: €5.99

  • Browse and Streaming 4 hours: €13.49

  • Browse and Streaming all flight: €5.99–€24.99


The service has global coverage, with a satellite or ground connection, it is possible that for some moments during the flight the signal is weak. Additionaly, we have 3 different providers for connectivity in our fleet, so you may experience differences between one flight or another.

We answer frequently asked questions

As an Iberia Plus customer, how do I connect to the free messaging service during my flight?

  1. Once in Iberia wifi portal, click on “Enjoy free wifi” button.

  2. Select “Sign in with Iberia Plus”.  

  3. Enter your email or Iberia Plus number and your password (Your password needs to be active before boarding).

  4. The login process can take time, please wait. The login page can be shown for a while, just be patient and don’t start the process again.

  5. Once the login has been completed, click “Start”.  

  6. Perform the Security Check.

  7. You can now enjoy the service.

If I travel in Business class, how do I connect to the free messaging service during my flight?

  1. Once in Iberia wifi portal, click on “Enjoy free wifi” button.
  2. Select “Sign in with your booking details” button.
  3. Enter your seat number and surname as displayed in your booking. If surname is not recognised, please use your booking number instead.
  4. In some flights you might need to type again your name, surname and email.
  5. Once the login has been completed, click “Start”.

  6. Perform the Security Check. 

  7. You can now enjoy the service.

What do I need to have free wifi for messaging during my flight?

You must travel in Business class or belong to the Iberia Plus loyalty program. You will need to your iberia plus number or your registration email in the program and your password.

It is very important that you remember your password before starting your flight, and that you check it is updated, otherwise you will not be able to use this service.

Can I send files with my messages?

The free messaging service is valid for sending text messages only, but you can purchase the wifi plan that best suits your needs so that you can send files or images.

If I have free messaging, how can i also surf the internet or send files or emails?

If you need to move from messaging to an internet service to surf or send emails,files etc.. you can upgrade to a wifi package that best suits your needs.

  1. Go to the Iberia wifi portal and click on “Upgrade
  2. Click on “See options
  3. Select the package that best suits your needs and click “Continue to checkout”
  4. Complete the “Security check”

  5. If you are registered the information will autocomplete.
  6. Otherwise you will have to enter the credit cards details
  7. You are now connected

Can I reset my password during the flight?

It is not possible to reset the password during the flight, we recommend that you check that you know your password before travelling:

  1. Go to Iberia Plus website.
  2. Click on Access.

  3. Complete your iberia Plus number or the mail associated with your Iberia Plus account (if you have more than one account associated to your mail, you will have to use the Iberia Plus number). 

  4. You will receive a mail with the instructions of how to reset your password.

  5. In case you have troubles with accesing, please contact the team throught the following link: https://contacto.iberia.com/

How can I check that my password and access to the program are active?

To check that your password is active, you must visit our website iberia.com or our Iberia app on your smartphone and try to access your account with your Iberia Plus number or email as user and with your password. If you manage to access your account, your password works correctly, if not you must follow the steps indicated in the previous question to reset it.

What happens if my password is blocked during my trip?

In case of password blocking during the trip, you will have to wait until the end of the flight to be able to reset your password.

Can I register for the Iberia Plus program during my flight?

Yes, it is possible to register on Iberia Plus Programm on board, but we suggest to do it before your flight. 

  1. Once in the Iberia wifi portal, click on “Access free wifi” button.
  2. Select “Enjoy free wifi”

  3. Click on “Register now”.

  4. You will be forwarded to the Iberia registration website, please complete all the required fields.

  5. Once, the registration has been completed, go back to the portal with the QR code or typing shop.iberia.com. 

  6. Enrol with your credentials (email and password) to access to the free messaging wifi service 

  7. You can now enjoy the service.

How is the service paid for?

Just entering your credit card details as detailed in the purchase process in the Iberia wifi portal.

How do I control the time of use of the wifi?

At all times you can check the home page of the wifi portal where the remaining connection time will appear according to the wifi plan you have purchased. We recommend that you use your already downloaded apps and avoid transferring large files and put your phone in battery saber mode, this stops all the automatic background data refreshing .

Contact details

You can contact Iberia Customer Service for more information about the service.