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April 23 2024Back

Iberia Sends UNICEF Humanitarian Supplies

Through the alliance that the airline maintains with UNICEF Spain, it transports, with the support of IAG Cargo, healthcare materials and medicines to support the health and well-being of boys and girls in the Latin American and Caribbean region

Iberia, a strategic ally of UNICEF Spain for more than a decade, has made three new shipments of UNICEF humanitarian supplies, with the support of IAG Cargo as logistics facilitator.

In these latest shipments, more than six tons of healthcare materials and medicines have been transported to improve the health and well-being of children and their families, in anticipation of possible future humanitarian emergencies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Most of these materials have been destined and prepositioned in the UNICEF operations centre in Panama, the hub from which the organisation distributes humanitarian materials to the entire region. In this way, in the event of new emergency situations, such as natural disasters, UNICEF will respond in record time, reaching the boys and girls who need it most.

For more than two years, the alliance between Iberia and UNICEF Spain has taken advantage of the airline's airplane’s holds to transport humanitarian aid. This collaboration highlights the different ways of involving the business sector with UNICEF to support the most vulnerable, in this case with Iberia putting its knowledge and logistical experience at the service of children. To date, through these shipments, Iberia has supported UNICEF, among others, in the humanitarian emergency in Haiti and the drought emergency in the Argentine region of Salta.

More Than 1.3 Million Boys and Girls Have Been Vaccinated

In addition to sending humanitarian material, since the beginning of the alliance between UNICEF Spain and Iberia in 2013, the airline has supported the organisation's child immunisation programmes, managing to ensure the routine vaccination of more than 1.3 million children thanks to the funds raised among its passengers and employees.

Over the past ten years, the airline has supported UNICEF in the national child immunisation programs of Afghanistan, Angola, Chad, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan, and Yemen.

Iberia was the first airline globally to activate the micro-donation system to support UNICEF when purchasing plane tickets online. In this way, Iberia customers who buy a ticket through have the possibility of supporting UNICEF's work on childhood vaccination of vulnerable boys and girls. Donations (between €3 and €20) can be made through the ticket reservation and payment platform developed by Amadeus within the framework of its global alliance with UNICEF.