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With turquoise coves along the coast and an inland packed with castles, mountain landscapes and historic cities, Croatia is an excellent destination for your holidays this summer.

Zagreb, live the Croatian capital

There are cities you fall in love in, settings where you feel like you're the central character in a romantic novel. One of those places is Zagreb. Discover everything the Croatian capital has to offer for your holidays and start planning your trip.

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Split, like a step back in time

To explore Split is to travel back in time. This ancient city is an architectural gem where you can stroll down the wonderful seafront promenade lined with cafés, explore some unusual museums, try the delicious food, and much more.


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Dubrovnik, pearl of the Adriatic

If you fly to Dubrovnik this summer you won't only find gorgeous pebble beaches with an extraordinary charm but a city packed with culture for those who want to enjoy a place that oozes elegance on every street corner. There is much to discover in Dubrovnik. Are you coming?


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Portugal, a summer destination

An astonishing diversity of landscapes, a unique cultural heritage that blends tradition with modernity, a coast worthy of paradise and delicious food. Can we take you to Portugal?

Lisbon, city of light

Feel the embrace of one of the most beautiful cities in the world and fall in love with the charms of Lisbon on every corner. Soak up the fascinating history in Praça do Comercio, Praça do Rossío and Torre de Belem. Let the sweet melancholy of Portuguese fado tempt you into the bars. Enjoy panoramic views from Saint George's Castle and enjoy delicious dishes made from Portuguese cod. This summer, discover the city of trams and the seven hills, the city of light.


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Porto, your special place

The essential destination for your holidays in Portugal, Porto receives you with a beautiful old town, now a UNESCO world heritage site, and a glass of fortified wine (Port, of course!) to celebrate your arrival. Climb to the top of the Clérigos Tower, the highest church tower in Portugal, for stunning views of the old town with its colourful facades and narrow streets; cross the famous Dom Luís I Bridge and visit one of the many wine cellars on the banks of the River Douro.


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Faro, gateway to the Algarve

Your holidays in another pearl of Portugal, steeped in folklore and flavour. Enjoy the marvellous beaches, colourful towns and friendly people this summer. Or take an excursion by ferry to the nearby islands of Culatra, Tavira and Barreta, where you can relax in stunning surroundings and enjoy delicious local fish fresh from the sea.


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The Azores, the nine-island paradise

An archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic waiting to be explored, perfect for disconnecting during your summer holidays. Let the natural charms of the waterfalls, geysers and volcanic landscapes cast their spell over you. Relax on the fine sandy beaches and explore picturesque towns like the World Heritage site of Angra do Heroísmo. Book your ticket now and fly to paradise.


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Madeira: see, nature and wine

Your summer holidays on a mountainous island, ideal for excursions and discovering stunning beauty spots. Madeira is the sea, lying on golden beaches and daring to discover it as a scuba diving paradise. Be sure to try the local cuisine and wine and soak up the atmosphere of the historic streets that have been beckoning tourists to this destination since time immemorial.


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Italy is one of the world's top tourist destinations but there's more to discover than its monumental cities, rich history and impressive architecture. In summer, Italy reveals its more relaxing side: little coastal towns, hidden coves and bucolic cafés. This year, practise slow travel on your holidays in one of our Italian summer destinations.

Rome, the essential city

Travel back in time at the Coliseum, imperial forums and Pantheon, toss a coin into the Fontana di Trevi, enjoy a dish of pasta in the Trastevere… There's so much to discover and experience in Rome that you'll be planning your next trip before you even leave.


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Venice, love at first sight

It's impossible not to fall in love with Venice and its 400+ bridges, network of canals and gondolas.. Besides, if you travel to Venice this summer, put 4 September in your diary because that's the day when the Grand Canal hosts the Historical Regatta.


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Florence, for the love of art

Enjoy your holidays in the beautiful Tuscan capital, a giant open-air museum that has preserved intact the charms of its glorious past, including treasures like the basilicas and the Uffizi Gallery. The essence of the Renaissance at the heart of Tuscany is a delight for the senses.


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Olbia, Sardinia in its purest form

Your holidays on the Emerald Coast surrounded by nature and culture. Relax this summer on one of Italy's finest beaches, hike through unforgettable landscapes and, if you want to, enjoy the busy vibrant nightlife that this destination offers. You're going to fall in love!


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Until 24 September



Bari, the heel of Italy

This summer spend your holidays in the capital of the Apulia region, an architectural jewel on the shores of the Adriatic. Swoon at the charms of Bari Vecchia, once known as the "Gateway to the East", and enjoy the culture and cuisine, streets lined with local shops, the little cove and much more.


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Catania, in the foothills of Mount Etna

This summer spend your holidays in the eastern port of Sicily, a destination that will delight all your senses. Climb to the top of the volcano, stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, explore the markets, discover the cuisine, soak up the unique character... When can we take you there?


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A holiday in the United States

Summer is one of the best times of the year to visit cities in the United States: the weather is kind, the days are longer, and the cultural and leisure agenda is packed with different kinds of activities. If you want to spend your holidays in the United States, we have two recommendations for an unforgettable trip:

San Francisco, the city of the Golden Gate

Lovers of culture, art and entertainment: your summer destination is San Francisco. Famous for its iconic suspension bridge, the Golden Gate, San Francisco will surprise you. It's a city packed with theatres, museums, concert halls, cinemas and musicals, and in summer the pleasant temperatures make it ideal for relaxing on some of the finest beaches in the United States. Open and diverse, San Francisco is also a world leader in LGBT tourism. What are you waiting for to discover San Francisco during your holidays this year?


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Washington, the city for everyone

Whatever your taste, there's something for you in Washington. In this city you can enjoy traces of the past: the capital of the United States is a timeless witness where the monuments, memorials and diverse architecture offer a fascinating first-hand insight into the country's history. But it also offers plenty of leisure options, with museums to keep you entertained if you're on holiday with children and a vibrant nightlife to enjoy with your partner or friends. The neighbourhoods invite you to discover the residents and experience the rich cultural and ethnic vibes, while the natural surroundings offer the ideal break on your trip this summer.


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If you want to enjoy idyllic beaches, little whitewashed towns and charming cities, choose Greece for your summer holidays and be swept off your feet.

Crete, the magical island

The largest of the Greek islands welcomes you this summer with its beaches washed by crystal-clear waters, little mountain villages, fascinating myths that shroud it in legend, tradition and culture, dance, music, warm people, and a range of leisure options to suit every taste. One of those paradises you have to visit at least once in your life. Why not now? Take advantage of our new summer destinations!


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Until 8 September



Corfu, the Emerald Isle

Classical, Venetian and British traditions blend on this mountainous island with its legendary beauty. You'll fall in love with the three Venetian fortresses as well as the colourful houses and churches that line the cobbled alleys. Nightlife and relaxation on stunning beaches washed by crystal-clear turquoise waters await you for your summer holidays this year. Book your ticket today and head to the emerald isle.


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Mykonos, the Greek Ibiza

Beaches, music and parties are synonymous with summer in Mykonos, although the island also offers quieter activities such as visiting the maze-like streets of the capital, Chora, famous for its beautiful whitewashed houses with colourful doors and balconies and its iconic windmills. With many other attractions, Mykonos is the perfect destination for a fun holiday with friends.


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Santorini, the white jewel

One of the best-known islands and probably the most photographed, because every corner is a postcard. Discover its famous blue and white houses, gaze at the spectacular sunsets, and marvel at the cliffs and heart-stopping views of the volcanic crater. Live Santorini and show off your holiday pics when you get back.


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Summer 2023: destination South America

For a summer of adventure, nature, idyllic beaches, music and dance, friendly people and some wonderful food, how about a holiday in South America? These are our top two recommended destinations for 2023:

Bogotá, the essence of Colombia.

Will Bogotá be your summer destination? If you want to find a little piece of the whole of multicultural, diverse Colombia in one city, where old and modern dance to the same beat, don't think twice! Explore the stunning views of a uniquely green urban landscape surrounded by vegetation and nature. Delve into its rich history through the monuments, architecture and people. Taste Colombia's delicious food and enjoy some of the finest coffee in the world while you soak up the bohemian vibes in the La Candelaria neighbourhood. This summer, Colombia is yours in Bogotá.


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Lima, gastronomic capital

Stroll among charming colonial facades, cycle through the elegant Miraflores neighbourhood, and browse the stalls for local products in the colourful markets. Lima turns tradition into trend and offers endless activities, museums, interesting buildings and tourist attractions. Try authentic Peruvian ceviche and discover why Lima is considered the gastronomic capital of Peru. And just a few metres away from the city: long beaches with all the amenities to relax or practise water sports this summer. Sounds like it has it all, doesn't it?


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Enjoy a fascinating destination this summer! Discover its light and magic, delicious gastronomy, exotic culture and stunning landscapes. Live a unique experience in Morocco.

Marrakech, the best of two worlds

A visit to Marrakech is like a meeting between the two Moroccos. Inside the Medina, that of its roots, with lively souks, bright colours and oriental odours. Beyond the walls, the more modern, diverse and unique Morocco.


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Casablanca, cosmopolitan atmosphere  

On the Atlantic coast of Morocco is Casablanca, a bubbling metropolis that blends modern architecture with charming neighbourhoods and business districts, amid its Arabic-Moorish heritage and legacies from the colonial period.


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Tangier, feel the inspiration

Where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean converge you'll find Tangier, a cosmopolitan city, proud of its numerous influences, of having been painted by Delacroix and Matisse, the 'Plaza de Toros' and the Cervantes Theatre.


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Nador, the Moroccan coast

Choose Nador as your holiday destination this summer and get ready to marvel at the Moroccan coast. A place to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, with enchanting views and the natural beauty of stunning geographical wonders like the Bou Areg lagoon and the Zegzel gorges.


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Until 2 September



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Urban summer in Central Europe

For travellers who like cities, Central Europe offers plenty of interesting summer destinations full of charm, cultural attractions and leisure activities. What's more, during this season of the year they tend to be less crowded. Take note!

Budapest, a fairytale on the Danube

The Hungarian capital emerged out of the union of two cities: historical, epic "Buda", with its medieval and Baroque buildings; and young, commercial "Pest", with offices and the financial centre. The cobblestone alleys, urban boulevards and architecture reveal hidden gems on every corner. How do you fancy a summer holiday on the banks of the Danube?


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Prague, the Bohemian city

According to legend, the origins of Prague date back to a dream that Princess Libuse had. Now you have the opportunity to form part of that dream during your holidays. Wander the narrow streets and enjoy discovering charming little squares, puppet shops, houses with brown tiled roofs and monumental buildings.


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Vienna: culture, music and elegance

Explore the boulevards lined with exquisite palaces and gardens, admire the grand State Opera and Schönbrunn Palace, stroll through the old town and marvel at Saint Stephen's Cathedral, enjoy open-air concerts and savour the delicious Viennese cakes. Vienna awaits you with its unique charms this summer. Book your flight and discover it!


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If you're one of those people who like to escape the heat in summer and spend your holidays exploring cultural attractions, we have some interesting recommendations in Northern Europe this year.

Stockholm, Nordic jewel

Discover the fascinating capital of Sweden, built on 14 islands connected by 54 bridges, a city that manages to harmonise the modern Nordic lifestyle with places like the old town, known as Gamla Stan, where time seems to to have stopped.


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Oslo, green capital

The Norwegian capital lies at the head of Oslo Fjord and is famous for its parks and museums. With its stunning natural attractions, Oslo is gaining a reputation as one of Europe's most charming capitals.


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Bergen, a picturesque enclave

Bergen is the gateway to the Norwegian fjords, a city founded 900 years ago that feels like a small town but at the same time manages to be urban and modern. Stroll through Bryggen Harbour, enjoy a day at the Fish Market, savour the delicious food... And don't miss the music scene!


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Until 2 September



Edinburgh, the Athens of the North

Travel to this magical city, enjoy the summer festivals and discover medieval ghosts in the streets and alleys of the Old Town. And since you're in Edinburgh, take the opportunity to discover the stunning scenery of the Highlands with their enchanted castles and mysterious lakes, not to mention the delightful Scottish hospitality.


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Until 14 September



Reykjavik, the trip of your life

Fly to Reykjavik this summer and discover a fascinating destination. The capital of Iceland is the gateway to the trip of a lifetime: northern lights, magnificent glaciars, waterfalls, towering volcanoes… It's well worth spending a few days exploring Reykjavic, with its Viking past, medieval legacy, street art and colourful facades. Are you coming?


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