On Business FAQs

Get answers to all your questions about Iberia's programme for companies

About On Business

What is On Business?

On Business is Iberia's loyalty programme for companies and self-employed people (except travel agencies, ticket agents and clearing companies) that lets you save on your business travel, collect points for flights taken by your employees and get direct discounts. On Business is fully compatible with the Iberia Plus frequent traveller programme, which means that your company collects On Business points and your employees earn more Avios to add to their personal Iberia Plus account.

Use your On Business points to get discounts and free flights, excluding taxes, with the Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum), British Airways and American Airlines, as well as upgrades to a higher class of cabin for your business trips with Iberia and British Airways.

What's the difference between On Business and Iberia Plus?

The On Business programme is aimed at companies, while the Iberia Plus programme is aimed at individuals. However, both programmes are mutually compatible. When you book a business flight, sign in with your On Business number and choose between a direct discount on the ticket price or On Business points. Regardless of your choice, if the employee is a member of Iberia Plus they will also collect Avios to add to their personal account.

On Business points collected are owned by the company, whereas Avios appear in the traveller's personal Iberia Plus account.

Can I benefit from the On Business programme even if my business travel is managed by a travel agency?

The On Business programme is compatible with your travel agency. If you use an agency, enter the name in the "Designated travel agents" field in your company profile. This will allow you to manage your travel more efficiently and easily redeem your On Business points for new flights.

Important information for your agency
When you make bookings through GDS (Global Distribution System), you must enter the customer's On Business number in the format shown below (OB + 8 digits).
Enter an SSR CLID in the PNR for each partner airline in the programme (IB, BA and AA).

Example 1: MAD IB JFK IB MAD

Enter 3 x SSR CLID: one for IB, another for BA and another for AA.

On the ticket enter FT*OBXXXXXXXX to show the On Business member code.

a) Amadeus & Topas
SR CLID BA HK/OB12345678
SR CLID IB HK/OB12345678
SR CLID AA HK/OB12345678
Or alternatively enter:
SR CLID HK/OB12345678 and Amadeus will display several SSR with each segment flown by each airline.

b) Apollo

c) Galileo

d) Worldspan

e) Sabre, Abacus & Infini

Collecting points

How do I get the On Business points I'm entitled to per flight?

Sign in to our website (you or your travel agency) with your On Business membership number to fly with any Iberia Group airline (Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum), British Airways and American Airlines, and their partners, booking in Economy or Business (except discounted fares) to get On Business points.

Depending on your company's On Business tier, you'll collect between 1 and 1.5 points for every euro spent. The amount spent will take into account the fare plus the fuel surcharge. Other taxes and charges are not included.


Total price paid per ticket: €650

Fare:             €500

Fuel:             €100

Taxes:             €50

Total points awarded per tier

Tier On1                Tier On2               Tier On3

€550 x 1 = 550 points

€550 x 1.25 = 687 points

€550 x 1.5 = 825 points


The points collected on each flight will appear in your account within 14 days of the date of travel. If you forget to sign in, don't worry. You can claim points up to four months from the date of travel.

How do I move up to the next tier?

Once you have registered with the On Business programme, your company automatically enters Tier On1. Your progression through the different tiers is based on your annual spend and the points you collect are calculated according to your company's On Business tier: Check how much you need to spend each year to move up the next tier on the On Business website for your country.


Tiers Tier On1                Tier On2               Tier On3

Collecting On Business Points

1 point x €1

1.25 points x €1

1.5 points x €1


Every calendar year we check the spend linked to your account and award you a tier based on the result. From that moment, you benefit from the multiplier effect and will see it reflected in the next ticket you buy. You remain in the tier you have reached until 31 December of the following year.

Do my company's On Business points expire?

On Business points expire after two years. They are valid from the date they appear in your account until the end of two calendar years. For example, points issued between 1 January and 31 December 2022 will automatically expire on 31 December 2024.

However, if your account status changes to "redeem only", you will have 12 months to use your points before they expire and your account is closed. In that case, we'll notify you.

Using On Business points

What's the On Business points calculator for?

You can use the points calculator on the On Business website “My profile” > “Points and transactions” > “Points calculator" to find out the number of points you need to fly to your chosen destination or get an upgrade on your flight.

Example 1
If you want to book a flight with points from Madrid to New York in Economy, you will need 16,000 points.

Example 2
If you want to use your points to get an upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy on a flight from Madrid to New York, you will need 14,000 points.

How do I book flights with On Business points?

The Authoriser, the account Administrator and the Travel Agent appointed by the Authoriser have permissions to making bookings with On Business points to fly with any of the Iberia Group airlines (Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum), British Airways and American Airlines. It is therefore important to designate the people who are going to manage the account to exercise better control, achieve more flexibility and avoid your company account depending exclusively on one person.

The deadline for making a booking is up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

How do I get an upgrade using my points?

You can get an Upgrade to a higher class of cabin on flights operated by the Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum) and British Airways when you make your booking. You can't get an upgrade once you have bought your ticket. To do that, you will need to contact our Booking Service or use the On Business members-only online form accessible from your company profile or our website.

Can I change a booking made with On Business points?

You can change an existing booking or make a new one with points up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. To do this, go to your On Business profile and then Iberia.com > Your Flights > Bookings > Manage your booking.

Special offers and discounts

Can I get a discount and/or collect points when I make an On Business booking?

Once you have signed in as a member of On Business to book a flight on the website, you can choose an immediate discount on the ticket price for the fares included in the programme. These discounts do not apply all fares, especially the lowest ones, or to the Basic fares family.

Remember, as well as benefitting from this immediate discount when you make your booking, you also collect On Business points.

How do I unlock On Business offers?

In the "Offers" tab on the On Business website you can access all active promotions available for your company. Go to "More information" to check all the details and the complete description, status and expiry date for each offer.

My profile

How do I manage and update my personal details in my On Business account?

Once you have registered, you can manage and update your account details in "Dashboard" > “My Profile”. Use the "Update details" button that you will find at the bottom of the screen, make the changes and then save them in "Save Changes". You can also update your Username, Password and Security Questions in “Login details and security" by clicking "Edit", making the changes and then saving them in "Save Changes".

How do I retrieve my username and password for my On Business account?

In the “Log in" box you'll see the question Forgotten your password? Click it to enter your "Username" and then click "Submit". Remember, your "Username" is an 8-digit personal code. It's not the same as your company's On Business number ("OBXXXXXXXX"). You will then receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.
If you don't have your Username handy and can't remember it, use our On Business members-only online form available in your company profile, indicating in the drop-down menu "Loyalty programme" > “PIN management”. Alternatively, go to our on Business website and we'll be happy to help you.

How do I check activity in my On Business account and generate reports?

Once you have signed in, in the "Points and Transactions " > "Transaction Statement" you will see all the activity in your On Business account.

  • In the “Points" tab, you can access information about points collected, redeemed and spent. You can filter transactions by type and date and get a printable transaction report using the "Download" button. Remember, points earned on flights will appear in your account within 14 days of the date of travel, although it may take a little longer in the case of our partner airlines.

  • In the "Airline expenditure" tab you can get reports on all your travel expenses, with the option of filtering by date, business unit, name of the person travelling, transaction type, etc. As with the points reports, you can download and print them.

Company account

How do I update my company information in my On Business account?

You can update company information such as the address, contact details and profile in "Company account" > "Company details". Just click "Edit", make the changes and then save them.

What is the Company Authoriser profile and how do I assign or change it in my On Business account?

The Authoriser is the most senior representative for the company's participation in the On Business programme. This person is authorised to register the company in the programme, assign the Administrator(s), Travel Agent(s) and Participants, as well as to manage all the company information and make flight bookings.

The Authoriser must be the CEO, managing director or any other company employee, not an agent or external consultant.

Only the company's current Authoriser can nominate another Authoriser, assigning this profile in the programme account details.

You can change the Authoriser in "Company Account" > "Authoriser" > "Change Authoriser".
Steps to follow:

  • Assign a new Employee or Administrator profile to the current Authoriser and click "Next".

  • Click "Select another person as the Authoriser" and choose from the list of programme members by clicking the person's name.

  • If you agree with the action, click "Save" and a dialogue box will appear to confirm the change of Authoriser.

The current Authoriser will have their new profile from the next time they sign into the On Business website. Both the new and former Authorisers will receive an email informing them of their new profile in the programme's company account.

How do I update my company information in my On Business account?

The programme Administrator is the person responsible for managing the company's On Business account. This person is authorised to change and update company information, assign and change the Travel Agent and book flights.
The Administrator must be a company employee, not a travel agent or external consultant.

There are two ways to assign the Administrator profile:

  • By adding a new employee in "Company Account" > "Participants" > "Add a participant". Fill in the details and select "Administrator" in "Account details".

  • By assigning an Administrator profile to an existing employee: Choose the employee from the list and click their name. Next, click "Update details", select "Administrator" in the drop-down menu in "Account details" and click "Save Changes".

To remove an Administrator from the programme, click "Company Account" > "Participants". Choose the employee you want to remove by clicking their name and "Participant's profile" will appear with their details. Click "Remove participant" at the bottom of the screen.

What is a Travel Agent profile and how do I assign, change or remove it in my On Business account?

You can assign one or more Travel Agents to manage all your travel, including reward flights, using your points, getting upgrades and even adding or removing employees.
Only agencies registered with the programme will be able to use On Business points.

  • You can add a Travel Agent in a "Company Account " > "Designated Travel Agents" > "Add a designated agent". Just fill in the details and then click "Save".

  • To assign a Travel Agent profile to an existing employee, select the employee you want to change from the list of employees by clicking their name. Next, click "Update details", choose the profile to assign from the drop-down menu and save the changes.

  • To remove a Travel Agent, simply select the profile and then click "Remove".

How do I add employees to the company's On Business account?

The Employee profile refers to company employees who travel and use company tickets but don't have Authoriser, Administrator or Travel Agent privileges.
Employees can access the company's account in the programme to book flights and collect points but they can't redeem points for tickets.

Only the Authoriser, Administrator and Travel Agent can add, edit and remove them from the company account:

  • Add employees to the company account.
    In "Company Account" > "Participants", select "Add a participant", enter the details, select the "Employee" profile and then save it to finish. The new participant will receive an email telling them they have been added to the On Business programme and informing them about how to access the account.

  • Update an employee's details.
     To edit the details of an existing employee profile, click "Update details".

  • Remove an employee.
    Select the employee's profile and click "Remove".

What is a Business Unit and how do I add it to my On Business account?

Business Units help you to keep a better track of the points and travel expenses of each company department or cost centre.

  • You can create a Business Unit in "Company Account" > " Business Units" > "Add Business Unit".

  • To change an existing Business Unit go to "Company Account" > " Business Units" > "Change name".

  • To remove a Business Unit click the blade icon you see to the right of the unit name and a dialogue box to confirm or cancel the action will appear.