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Mexico - Asturias-Oviedo flights

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  • Mexico City - Asturias-Oviedo13879 MXN
  • Monterrey - Asturias-Oviedo20476 MXN
  • Oaxaca - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Merida - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Mazatlan - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Tijuana - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Culiacan - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Villahermosa - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Puerto Vallarta - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Chihuahua - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Cancun - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Guadalajara - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Veracruz - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Tuxtla Gutiérrez - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Ciudad Juarez - Asturias-Oviedo 

FAQs about our cheap flights to Asturias-Oviedo

How do I get the cheapest flight to Asturias-Oviedo?

You can save on your plane ticket and get the cheapest flight if you avoid peak season, book in advance and are flexible about dates and times for both your outbound and return flight.

What days of the week are cheapest to fly to Asturias-Oviedo?

To find out which day is the cheapest to fly, just start a search in our cheap flight finder. Tell us where you are flying from, where you want to go and what dates you're thinking of. We'll show you the cheapest flights not only for the date you searched but on surrounding days as well, for both the outbound and return flight, so you can find the best deal. And be sure to look carefully at the different flight options we offer every day: certain times may save you even more on the price of your ticket.

When are the best flight deals to Asturias-Oviedo?

You can get the cheapest flights by travelling outside peak season. Although it depends on the destination, in general Christmas, Easter and school holidays are peak season. Besides, if you're thinking about a weekend getaway, the earlier you book your flight, the better the price.

What day of the week is best for getting a cheap plane ticket to Asturias-Oviedo?

You can find cheap flights any day of the week. The key to finding the best deals is to book early and be flexible. Usually, the earlier you book your plane tickets, the cheaper they will be. Besides, if you have some wiggle room as regards dates and times of flights, you'll be able to choose the cheapest price.

How far in advance should I book a flight to Asturias-Oviedo to get the best deal?

The earlier you book your flights, the better the prices. Prices depend on the remaining seats on the flight and whether the cheapest fares (Economy) are still available or are selling out. So booking in advance is essential to get cheap flights.

Which fare guarantees me the best deal for my flight to Asturias-Oviedo? 

Iberia offers different fares to guarantee the best deal for your travel needs. The Basic fare guarantees you the cheapest flight.

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Hola, Asturias-Oviedo!

Affluent and monumental, the capital of the Principality of Asturias in the north of Spain is an ideal destination for lovers of art and culture. Take advantage of our cheap flight deals to Oviedo and discover the largest number of monuments in the so-called Asturian Pre-Romanesque style, all with UNESCO World Heritage status, such as the beautiful churches of Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo. In this city past and present link hands, with modern buildings like the iconic Palacio de Congresos designed by Santiago Calatrava.

The lush green landscape for which Asturias is famous can also be found in Oviedo, especially in Campo de San Francisco, a glorious 90,000-square-metre park located at the heart of the city and populated by beautiful peacocks. Travelling to the capital of the principality with one of our cheap flights to Asturias is undoubtedly a gift fit for kings.

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Fast food menu

Local beer (50ml glass or pint)

Cappuccino (regular)

Soft drink (33ml bottle)

Water (33ml bottle)

One Way Ticket (local transport)

Taxi 1km (regular rate)

Petrol (1 litre)

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Spain - Asturias-Oviedo flights

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  • Madrid - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Valencia - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Palma de Mallorca - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Malaga - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Seville - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Santiago de Compostela - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Tenerife - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Granada - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Barcelona - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Pamplona - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Alicante - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Bilbao - Asturias-Oviedo 

Europe - Asturias-Oviedo flights

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  • Paris - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Zurich - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Brussels - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Munich - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Oslo - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Milan - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • London - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Frankfurt - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Geneva - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Budapest - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Stockholm - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Lyon - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Marseille - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Aberdeen - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Rome - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Dusseldorf - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Catania - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Porto - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Venice - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Warsaw - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Edinburgh - Asturias-Oviedo 

America - Asturias-Oviedo flights

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North America
  • Mexico City - Asturias-Oviedo13879 MXN
  • Tijuana - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Cancun - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Monterrey - Asturias-Oviedo20476 MXN
  • Culiacan - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Guadalajara - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Oaxaca - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Villahermosa - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Ciudad Juarez - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Chihuahua - Asturias-Oviedo 
South America
  • Quito - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Medellin - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Santiago de Chile - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Lima - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Cali - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Bogota - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Guayaquil - Asturias-Oviedo 
Central America and the Caribbean
  • San Jose de Costa Rica - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Guatemala - Asturias-Oviedo 

Africa - Asturias-Oviedo flights

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  • Oujda - Asturias-Oviedo 
  • Nador - Asturias-Oviedo