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  • Mexico City - Bilbao11686 MXN
  • Monterrey - Bilbao16577 MXN
  • Tampico - Bilbao 
  • Merida - Bilbao 
  • Chihuahua - Bilbao 
  • Puerto Vallarta - Bilbao 
  • Guadalajara - Bilbao15107 MXN
  • Acapulco - Bilbao 
  • Tuxtla Gutiérrez - Bilbao 
  • Cancun - Bilbao 
  • San José del Cabo - Bilbao 
  • Tijuana - Bilbao 
  • Ciudad Juarez - Bilbao 

FAQs about our cheap flights to Bilbao

How do I get the cheapest flight to Bilbao?

You can save on your plane ticket and get the cheapest flight if you avoid peak season, book in advance and are flexible about dates and times for both your outbound and return flight.

What days of the week are cheapest to fly to Bilbao?

To find out which day is the cheapest to fly, just start a search in our cheap flight finder. Tell us where you are flying from, where you want to go and what dates you're thinking of. We'll show you the cheapest flights not only for the date you searched but on surrounding days as well, for both the outbound and return flight, so you can find the best deal. And be sure to look carefully at the different flight options we offer every day: certain times may save you even more on the price of your ticket.

When are the best flight deals to Bilbao?

You can get the cheapest flights by travelling outside peak season. Although it depends on the destination, in general Christmas, Easter and school holidays are peak season. Besides, if you're thinking about a weekend getaway, the earlier you book your flight, the better the price.

What day of the week is best for getting a cheap plane ticket to Bilbao?

You can find cheap flights any day of the week. The key to finding the best deals is to book early and be flexible. Usually, the earlier you book your plane tickets, the cheaper they will be. Besides, if you have some wiggle room as regards dates and times of flights, you'll be able to choose the cheapest price.

How far in advance should I book a flight to Bilbao to get the best deal?

The earlier you book your flights, the better the prices. Prices depend on the remaining seats on the flight and whether the cheapest fares (Economy) are still available or are selling out. So booking in advance is essential to get cheap flights.

Which fare guarantees me the best deal for my flight to Bilbao? 

Iberia offers different fares to guarantee the best deal for your travel needs. The Basic fare guarantees you the cheapest flight.

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Hola Bilbao!

Bilbao, where living well is an art that people participate in every day. Reserve one of our flights to Bilbao to discover this beautiful city in northern Spain. Visit the Guggenheim Museum, Euskalduna Palace, the underground stations designed by Norman Foster, the Isozaki and Pelli towers, the Zubizuri bridge designed by Calatrava or new cultural hubs like the Azkuna Zentroa designed by Philippe Starck, built in a former wine warehouse. A visit to Bilbao would not be complete without taking in its characteristic Old Town, the Botxo, dating back more than 700 years. Take a stroll through its "Seven Streets" and you'll come across emblematic buildings like the Cathedral or the city's most elegant theatre, the Arriaga, as well as a mix of shops and cafes.

Bilbao is proof that gastronomy is an artform in the Basque Country, as it is one of the places with the most Michelin stars per person in the world. The New Square and its surroundings are full of crowded bars where you can sample the city's famous "pintxos", washed down with "txikitos" of wine. And, if that were not enough, the beaches and spectacular cliffs in Getxo are just over half an hour away on the city's metro. Don't miss our flight deals to Bilbao!

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Spain - Bilbao flights

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  • Madrid - Bilbao 
  • Seville - Bilbao 
  • Ibiza - Bilbao 
  • A Coruña - Bilbao 
  • Santander - Bilbao 
  • Almeria - Bilbao 
  • Lanzarote - Bilbao 
  • Barcelona - Bilbao 
  • Palma de Mallorca - Bilbao 
  • Valencia - Bilbao 
  • Jerez - Bilbao 
  • Menorca - Bilbao 
  • Alicante - Bilbao 
  • San Sebastian - Bilbao 
  • Santiago de Compostela - Bilbao 
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Bilbao 
  • Tenerife - Bilbao 
  • Vigo - Bilbao 
  • Asturias-Oviedo - Bilbao 
  • Malaga - Bilbao 
  • Badajoz - Bilbao 

Europe - Bilbao flights

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  • Paris - Bilbao 
  • Geneva - Bilbao 
  • Nice - Bilbao 
  • Zurich - Bilbao 
  • Mikonos - Bilbao 
  • Florencia - Bilbao 
  • Lisbon - Bilbao 
  • Vienna - Bilbao 
  • Munich - Bilbao 
  • Amsterdam - Bilbao 
  • Dusseldorf - Bilbao 
  • Santorini - Bilbao 
  • Frankfurt - Bilbao 
  • Stockholm - Bilbao 
  • Venice - Bilbao 
  • Nantes - Bilbao 
  • Porto - Bilbao 
  • Athens - Bilbao 
  • Naples - Bilbao 
  • Berlin - Bilbao 
  • Stuttgart - Bilbao 

America - Bilbao flights

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North America
  • Mexico City - Bilbao11686 MXN
  • Puerto Vallarta - Bilbao 
  • Cancun - Bilbao 
  • Monterrey - Bilbao16577 MXN
  • Guadalajara - Bilbao15107 MXN
  • San José del Cabo - Bilbao 
  • Miami - Bilbao 
  • Acapulco - Bilbao 
  • Tampico - Bilbao 
  • Los Angeles - Bilbao 
South America
  • Buenos Aires - Bilbao 
  • Quito - Bilbao 
  • Guayaquil - Bilbao 
  • Bogota - Bilbao 
  • Lima - Bilbao 
  • Cucuta - Bilbao 
  • Mendoza - Bilbao 
  • Santiago de Chile - Bilbao 
  • Sao Paulo - Bilbao 
  • La Paz - Bilbao 
Central America and the Caribbean
  • Santo Domingo - Bilbao 
  • Managua - Bilbao 
  • Guatemala - Bilbao 
  • Punta Cana - Bilbao 
  • San Pedro Sula - Bilbao 

Africa - Bilbao flights

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  • Rabat - Bilbao 
  • Cairo - Bilbao 
  • Casablanca - Bilbao 
  • Marrakesh - Bilbao 
  • Nador - Bilbao 
  • Sal - Bilbao 
  • Laayoune - Bilbao 

Asia - Bilbao flights

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  • Ho Chi Minh City - Bilbao 

The Middle East - Bilbao flights

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  • Tel Aviv - Bilbao 
  • Dammam - Bilbao