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  • Mexico City - Bologna14221 MXN
  • Merida - Bologna 
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  • Chihuahua - Bologna 
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Bologna airport


Place: Bologna View map

How to get to the city: The A1, A13 and A14 roads connect the airport with the cities of Milan, Padua and Ancona, respectively. There are also several bus routes and a train service covering the route to the airport from several nearby cities.

Terminals: Bologna Airport has one terminal. The Arrivals hall is located on the ground floor and the Departures hall on the upper floor.

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Hola Bologna!

Bologna has the second largest mediaeval old town in Europe, after Venice. If you book one of our flight deals to Bologna, you'll visit a city teeming with tourist attractions and monuments. Le due Torri, the symbol of the city, are a pair of magnificent mediaeval towers. The tallest is nearly 100 metres and on clear days offers distant views of the city of Verona and the Dolomite and Apennine mountains.

The grand Piazza Maggiore, the imposing Basilica of San Petronio (the fifth largest church in the world) and the Pinacoteca Nazionale, with works by Giotto, Raphael, Annibale Caracci and Guido Reni, are just some of the options to fill your time. Get the cheapest flights to Bologna with Iberia!

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Spain - Bologna flights

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  • Alicante - Bologna 
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North America
  • Chicago - Bologna 
  • Mexico City - Bologna14221 MXN
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  • Chihuahua - Bologna 
  • Guadalajara - Bologna16565 MXN
  • Merida - Bologna 
  • Monterrey - Bologna 
  • Puerto Vallarta - Bologna19832 MXN
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South America
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Central America and the Caribbean
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  • Marrakesh - Bologna 
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  • Amman - Bologna 
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