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Compra, Regalo y transferencia de Avios

  • Award: Up to 200,000 Avios

Getting Avios in your day-to-day with our more than 90 partners is very easy, though if you want to swap your Avios for a flight but don't have enough for the destination you want, you can buy the Avios you need and enjoy your next trip here and now. And if it's somebody else who needs Avios, you can also gift Avios or transfer your Avios to whoever you like, so they can swap them for flights. With your Avios, the travel possibilities are limitless.

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How can I earn Avios?

Step 1

Access here with your Iberia Plus card number and your PIN at iberia.com

Step 2

Select the option you want: buy, gift or transfer. Fill in the Avios amount and the Iberia Plus details of the account to which you want to gift or transfer Avios.

Step 3

The Avios will be credited within 72 hours.

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