Your booking

Enter your personal details; add baggage; choose a seat; book a meal, hotel or car; cancel or confirm a booking; and other things you can do through Manage your booking.

What can I do in Manage your booking?

Once your electronic ticket (TKT) has been issued, enter your Booking code to carry out the following actions through Manage your booking:

  • Cancel/confirm bookings made on

  • Check the status of your bookings. Flights, dates, times... And see your ticket (TKT) number and get a copy.

  • Change your booking. Date and flight changes can only be made up to 3 hours before the departure of the flight and they are subject to the fare conditions of your ticket (changes may be permitted for free, with a fee or not at all).

  • Select your seat, add another bag or purchase another seat.

  • Edir or add your contact phone number or email. Remember, name changes for seat selections and/or ticket bookings are NOT permitted.

  • Request a special service: book a pet in the cabin; special baggage in the hold (sports equipment, wheelchairs, bicycles, etc.); assistance for travellers with special needs.

  • Access our offers to travel in Business. Tell us the price you're willing to pay to travel in Business and you may be able to enjoy the experience.

  • Add your personal details: Advance passenger information (API). The governments of certain countries require Iberia to gather specific passenger information ahead of the flight.

  • Complete your trip. Take advantage of our offers to book hotels, transfers, insurance, car hires, tours, activities, excursions and more, either directly or through us.

  • Order a special meal. You can order a special meal on flights lasting more than 4.5 hours in Economy or more than 90 minutes in Business.

  • If your flight is cancelled or disrupted, you can change the dates or request a refund.

  • To upgrade to higher cabin, check the conditions on the Upgrades  page.

If your ticket doesn't allow changes on, call our Booking Service or go to a ticket office.

What is the ticket number?

The ticket number (TKT or e-Ticket) is a 13-digit code in which the first 3 digits identify the airline that issued the ticket. The Iberia ID is 075.
When you book a flight through, you receive a confirmation email indicating the number of your ticket (this will always begin with 075) and your Booking code or record locator.

If it appears as "pending" (Request mail in progress), it means that the ticket is still in the process of being issued. You will get a confirmation email when the process is complete. If this is not the case, call our Booking Service to check that everything is in order.

When you get your boarding pass, you will see the ticket number and record locater at the top right-hand corner, just under the barcode.
All fees and taxes levied on air transport are included in the ticket price and will be itemised, once they have been added to the ticket price, in the fees and taxes field.
We recommend that you keep your confirmation email with all your travel details until the end of your trip.

How long is a ticket valid for?

The ticket is the contract of transport between the airline and the passenger whose name is shown on the ticket. A ticket is valid for transport for one year:

  1.  from the date of issue, provided no flight coupon has been used; or
  2.  from the date of use of the first coupon, provided it was used in the same year the ticket was issued.

If your request is related to a flight date change, itinerary change or change of the maximum stay in the destination, contact any Iberia office to check the conditions of the fare purchased. If your ticket was issued by a travel agency and you have not yet begun your trip, contact the agency.