• Check whether the online document verification service is available for your route: See available routes

  • Upload your documents in the 72 hours before your flight.

  • ID, visa, passport, Covid test, vaccine certificate, etc.

  • We'll check that everything is in order for you before you arrive at the airport: convenient, fast and safe.



What does "Your Documents" consist of?

It is a new digital function that enables you to send us the documents required for your trip between 72 and 4 hours before your flight.  This will enable us to check them in advance so that you arrive at the airport knowing that everything is in order. It will also be used to keep you informed of current regulations and requirements to travel to your destination.

What are the advantages?

• You can get information about the regulations and requirements for your trip with regard to:
1) Health documentation for COVID
2) Form or affidavit to be filled in
3) Health insurance
4) Travel documents (passport, ID card, visas, etc.)

• You will be sure that you are complying with all the entry requirements and restrictions established by local authorities when you receive confirmation from Iberia.

• You'll save time at the airport

• All this can be done on your PC or iOS or Android mobile device and without having to download an app.

What happens if any of the documents I have uploaded is not valid?

You will receive an email explaining the reasons why your document is not valid and you will be given new instructions.

On which routes is it available?

Cheque the routes on which you can already use the "Your Documents" function: See available routes

How do I access "Your Documents"?

Remember, you can access Your Documents and upload your documentation from 72 to 4 hours before the departure of your flight.

• Go to the registration form we'll send you by email 72 hours before your flight. You can also access the form through Manage your booking. Fill in your personal data and details about the trip you are going to take and then upload Your Documents. The sooner you do it, the sooner we can check that everything is in order or let you know if there are any errors.

• You'll receive an email with a tracking number in case you want to check the status of your documents or make any changes.


If you have already registered and need to change any of your documents, you can go directly to Your Documents (or through Manage your booking and enter the following:

• Tracking number.

• Booking or locator code, which you will find on your electronic ticket or booking.

Is it available on any browser?

You can access it from your PC or mobile device, without having to download an app.

The recommended browsers are: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or on an iOS or Android mobile device. You may have problems if you try to access it with Internet Explorer.

How does "Your Documents" work?

Once you access the Your Documents area, by clicking on the "Attach document" button in the block for which you would like to provide documentation:

1) For example, health documentation for COVID: vaccination, recovery and negative COVID-19 test certificates.
2) Form or affidavit to be filled in: a photo or screenshot of the QR code you received when filling in the health control form or affidavit.
3) Health insurance: certification for your medical insurance policy.
4) Travel documents: passport, ID card, visas, etc.
5) Other documents: any other documents required for your trip.

When can I upload my documents and know whether they are valid?

From 72 hours before the departure of the flight until 4 hours before.

Please note that there will be documents that you can't upload until a few hours before the flight leaves (for example, the antigen tests that some destinations require to be taken a maximum of 24 hours in advance). You can always access Your Documents to attach them.

You will receive an email when all the documents required for your trip have been checked and are correct. Also, in your client area you will see green ticks next to the corresponding documents. If they are not valid, you will receive another e-mail with new instructions.

It will take us some time to check the documents, so you may not receive the confirmation email immediately. We will, however, always try to send it as soon as possible.

Remember, travel requirements are established by local authorities and may vary. We also advise you to check them again before your flight in case there have been any changes.

When go I get to the airport?

Once you are at the airport and if you have already received digital confirmation for your documents, you will be able to board the aircraft by identifying yourself and showing the confirmation e-mail from Iberia.

It is very important for you to bring all the documents on your phone or as printed copies.

If on the other hand, any of the required documents are still pending, you will have to go to an Iberia check-in desk for them to be verified, just as before.

Do I have to fill out one form per person? Even if we travel together on the same booking?

Yes, each passenger must fill out one form, regardless of whether you have only one booking. Each passenger must create a form and will have their own Your Documents area.