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  • Santiago de Chile - Malaga694432 CLP
  • Temuco - Malaga 
  • Antofagasta - Malaga 
  • Concepcion - Malaga 

Malaga airport

Malaga-Costa del Sol

Place: The airport is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the city center. View map

How to get to the city: There are a number of city, inter-city and long-distance bus services as well as a local train route. There is also a taxi rank.

Terminals: The airport has 3 terminals, a small terminal for general aviation and a cargo terminal.

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Hola Malaga!

If you want to take one of our flights to Málaga, you'll discover a city with a magnificent location on the shores of the Mediterranean, at the centre of a bay fringed by mountain ranges. Famous for its excellent climate, it's also renowned as the birthplace of Picasso and one of the oldest cities in Europe.

If you take one of our cheap flights to Málaga, you'll find a city where relaxation, culture and history blend in perfect harmony. The historic centre is home to a diverse collection of monuments, including the Roman Theatre, the Moorish Alcazaba, the cathedral and the Jewish quarter. Without doubt, two must-see places in Málaga are Picasso's birthplace and the Museo Picasso Málaga, which houses two hundred and eighty-five works by the painter.

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Spain - Malaga flights

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  • Barcelona - Malaga 
  • Madrid - Malaga 
  • Palma de Mallorca - Malaga 
  • Valencia - Malaga 
  • Bilbao - Malaga 
  • Melilla - Malaga 
  • Santander - Malaga 
  • Zaragoza - Malaga 
  • Granada - Malaga 
  • Asturias-Oviedo - Malaga 
  • Seville - Malaga 

Europe - Malaga flights

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  • Athens - Malaga 
  • London - Malaga 
  • Paris - Malaga 
  • Bologna - Malaga 
  • Amsterdam - Malaga 
  • Dublin - Malaga 
  • Berlin - Malaga 
  • Munich - Malaga 
  • Rome - Malaga 
  • Milan - Malaga 
  • Faro - Malaga 
  • Lisbon - Malaga 
  • Porto - Malaga 
  • Vienna - Malaga 
  • Zurich - Malaga 
  • Florencia - Malaga 

America - Malaga flights

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North America
  • Miami - Malaga 
  • Cancun - Malaga 
South America
  • Rio De Janeiro - Malaga 
  • Santiago de Chile - Malaga694432 CLP
  • Sao Paulo - Malaga 
  • Antofagasta - Malaga 
  • Concepcion - Malaga 
  • Temuco - Malaga 
  • Cali - Malaga 

Africa - Malaga flights

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  • Marrakesh - Malaga 
  • Agadir - Malaga 
  • Tangier - Malaga 

The Middle East - Malaga flights

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  • Tel Aviv - Malaga