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IBERIA LAE SA Operadora Unipersonal, with official address at C/ Martínez Villergas, 49 28027 Madrid

Telephone: Booking offices, mail:, Apdo. Correos 62033, 28080 MADRID

Madrid Companies Registry. Volume 27.301, Folio 79, Sheet M-491912

C. A85850394

Operating licence A.13/94. Competent Authority AESA

In general, the relationship between Iberia, Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A., from hereon referred to as Iberia, and its clients, as a result of contracting products or services contained in the present website are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

This Website has been created by Iberia, as an information service and for personal use.

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Terms and Conditions

The contents, commercial activities, products and services included in this website have not been conceived for or addressed to those persons whose residence is within jurisdictions where the contents are not authorised.

Only those pages which feature in the webmap are included in the website.

Access to this website is the responsibility of the user.

Access to this website does not imply the entering of any type of commercial relationship between Iberia and the user.

Access and browsing in this website implies acceptance and knowledge of the legal warnings, terms and conditions of use contained therein.

Updating and modifying the information

The information which appears in this website is that which is current on the date of the last updating. Iberia reserves the right to update, modify or delete information on this website, as well as being able to limit or deny access to this website.

This website cannot be altered, changed, modified, or adapted. Nevertheless Iberia reserves the right to make, at any given moment, as many changes or modifications it deems fit, making use of this right at any time and without prior notice.

Iberia reserves the right to update the general conditions of carriage at any time. Said changes and modifications will not affect contracts that Iberia has already completed with its customers, without prejudice to any modifications that may be mutually agreed on and fortuitous events and force majeure.


Iberia makes every effort to avoid any error which may appear in the contents of this website. Iberia cannot guarantee and will not be liable for the consequences that could derive from errors in any third-party content that appears on this website. Notwithstanding the above, in no case shall contracts that already exist between Iberia and its customers be affected, except in cases of fortuitous events or force majeure.

Iberia assumes no responsibility for any discrepancies which may exist between written documents and the electronic version published in the website. In the case where a discrepancy exists between the printed version and that published in the website, the printed version will take precedence.

Iberia accepts no responsibility whatsoever, for those contents, commercial activities, products and services herein included which may be viewed via electronic links, directly or indirectly, via this website. The presence of links in the Iberia website, unless expressed to the contrary, has a merely informative purpose and does not in any event suggest, invite or recommend these links. These links do not represent any kind of relationship between Iberia and the individuals or companies who are holders of those websites and which may be accessed via other links. Iberia reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally and at any given time the links which appear on its website.

Iberia assumes no responsibility for the content of any forum or debate in chatrooms, bulletins, or other types of transmissions, which may be associated to this website and will cooperate, if required by judicial order or by the relevant authorities, in the identification of those persons responsible for those contents which break the law.

Iberia excludes all responsibilities, which may arise from the transmission of information between users. The responsibility of the information imparted in the website belongs exclusively to those who impart it. The transmission of data which users may make to this or via this website or via other ways of access controlled by Iberia which may infringe property rights of third parties and whose content is threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or the transmission of any other type of material which constitutes or incites a conduct which may be considered a criminal offence is prohibited.

Iberia reserves the right to deny or prohibit access to any Internet user who introduces in this website any content which is contrary to legal or moral norms, reserving the right to use any legal measures it may deem fit to prevent this type of conduct.

Browsing, access and security

Access and browsing on this website implies the acceptance and knowledge of legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained therein. Iberia makes every effort to ensure that browsing takes place under optimum conditions and to avoid damage of any kind caused during its use.

This website has been designed to support Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer browsers. Iberia accepts no responsibility for damage of any kind which may be caused to users through the use of other browsers or versions other than the ones for which it has been designed.

Access to transactional services and those, which include the capture of personal data, is conducted under a secure environment using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with a high security cipher of 128 bits. The secure server establishes a connexion so that the information is transmitted in an encrypted format. This ensures that the content is only understood by the client's computer and the Iberia server. The user can verify that he is within a secure environment if the status bar of his browser appears with a closed padlock. A certificate issued by Verisign backs our server's guarantee. This certificate guarantees that the client is communicating his data to an Iberia server and not to a third party, which may be attempting to simulate it.

Iberia does not warrant that access to this website will be uninterrupted or error-free, so long as the incidents or errors arise from sources outside of Iberia’s control. Nor does it warrant that software which can be accessed through this website is free of third-party errors. Similarly, in no case does Iberia take responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind caused by accessing or using the website, so long as it is due to sources outside of Iberia’s control. Iberia will not be held responsible for any damage that could arise from the inappropriate use of this website. In particular it does not warrant any telecommunications dropouts, interruptions, faults or defects that may occur in relation to financial transactions.

The services offered by this website can only be used correctly if all technical specifications for which it was designed are met.

Industrial and Intellectual property

This website and the contents herein are protected by the laws governing Intellectual Property. They may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly communicated, ceded or transformed. Access to this website does not give users any rights or entitlements to intellectual property rights of the contents of the website.

The contents of this website may be downloaded to the user's terminal, provided it is for personal use and without commercial end; therefore it may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly communicated, ceded, transformed or used for commercial purposes.

Iberia does not transfer to its users any rights over its software. The user is owner of the support to where the software is copied. Iberia retains all industrial and intellectual property rights including the software. If the user transfers software from this site to his terminal, he may not dissect it for study, or de-compile it, translate the original coded version or its language to another code or language.

The commercial name, brands, logo, products and services contained in this website are protected by law.

Iberia reserves the right to exercise its legal rights against those users who violate or infringe the intellectual and industrial property rights.

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Additional conditions

Buying procedure: Within the buying procedure the user is requested to accept the terms and conditions for the corresponding site/navigation country in which the purchase is being made. The conditions of each site/country can be different. Information

The purchase of Iberia tickets implies the total aceptance, by the client of Iberia's general conditions of transport (passenger and baggage) and the acceptance without reservations of all the provisions contained therein.

Iberia Plus: If you wish to register with Iberia's loyalty programme "Iberia Plus" designed for individual passenger, you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions of said programme. Information

e-Newsletter e-Newsletters: If you wish to register for our " e-Newsletters" service, you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions of said service. Information

Online Customer Services: If you wish to use our Online Customer Service, you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions of said service. Information

IB General Rules & Tariff Canada.

Technical aspect information

Iberia will not be responsible for possible damage which may be caused by interference, omissions, interruptions, viruses, telephone faults or disconnections during the operation of the electronic system due to reasons outside Iberia's control; of delays or blockages in the use of the electronic system currently in use caused by deficiencies or overloads in the Central Data Processor, telephone lines, the Internet or other electronic systems; nor any damage caused by third parties by illegal incursions outside the control of Iberia. By using this site you also agree to exonerate Iberia from any liability with regard to any damage you could suffer as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided, so long as it is due to a problem outside of Iberia’s control. Notwithstanding the above, in no case shall contracts that already exist between Iberia and its customers be affected, except in cases of fortuitous events or force majeure.

(*) It is the individual passenger's right to initiate an action in court to ask for compensation for damage caused by delay, only if there is proof that such damage was the responsibility of the airline.