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Make the most of your business flights

The Iberia On Business programme is designed to reward your company's loyalty with exclusive advantages. You'll be able to get free flights, upgrades on your bookings and exclusive members-only discounts.

Get direct discounts or collect On Business points when you book flights for your company


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Spend your points on flights and/or upgrades


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Exclusive On Business Customer Service Centre.


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Collect Avios when you book a flight if you're a member of Iberia Plus.  


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It's that easy

1 Sign up to On Business

Register for free. It only takes a few minutes. You'll receive a confirmation email for you to reset your password and then you'll be all set to start enjoying the benefits of your On Business membership.

2 Sign in as a member of the programme

When you are going to book a flight, sign in with your On Business username and password so that the points you earn with your purchase are added to your account. You'll also earn points if you pay with your Iberia Business Card.

3 Enjoy your points

When you book flights you can either get a discount on the price or spend your points to get free flights and cabin upgrades. And if the person travelling is a member of Iberia Plus they'll also pick up Avios for the flight.

4 Move up through the tiers

The more you fly, the more benefits you unlock. Get up to 50% more points when you move up a tier.

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How to spend your On Business Points


Get free flights

Sign in as a member of On Business whenever you make a booking to redeem your points for free flights.

Cabin upgrade

To upgrade to a higher class of cabin, call our customer service centre when you make your booking. You'll find the number in your profile.

Compatible with your agency

You can allow your agency to access your account and manage your travel on your behalf.


Flying for free is simple: just collect the points you need and then spend them on any flight you want

from 1,100 points

from 1,600 points

from 4,500 points

The more you fly, the more benefits you unlock

You'll earn points for purchases with Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum, British Airways and American Airlines.

More than 22,000 companies already save on their flights with On Business




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Questions about the programme?

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Our commercial team will explain the details of the programme and how it works.



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Everything you need to know about Iberia's On Business programme.




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What is On Business?

On Business is Iberia's loyalty programme for companies that lets you save on your business travel, collect points for flights taken by your employees and get exclusive direct discounts.

On Business is fully compatible with the Iberia Plus frequent flyer programme, which means that your company collects On Business points while your employees collect Avios to add to their personal account or card.

You can use On Business points to fly with the Iberia Group, British Airways and American Airlines and to get cabin upgrades with Iberia and British Airways.

What are the benefits of the programme?

With On Business you can get free flights (taxes not included), discounts and cabin upgrades for your business travel.

You can benefit from our global network of partners, such as the Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Express and Air Nostrum), British Airways and American Airlines.

Who is the programme aimed at?

The On Business programme is designed for companies and sole traders, except travel agencies, ticketing agents and clearing companies.

Can I benefit from the programme if I use a travel agency to manage my business travel?

Yes, the On Business programme is also compatible with your travel agency. If you use an agency for your business travel, enter the name in the "Designated travel agents" field in your company profile. You'll be able to manage your travel more efficiently and easily redeem your On Business points for new flights.

How do I earn On Business points?

You earn On Business points as follows:

When you fly with Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum, British Airways and American Airlines, as well as with their affiliated airlines. You earn points regardless of the cabin you fly in, although not with discounted fares. Sign in to your On Business profile when you make a booking yourself or authorise your travel agency to make it on your behalf.

If you forget to sign in, don't worry. You can claim points up to four months after taking the flight.

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