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Discover Iberia Plus Bonus rewards


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Discover Iberia Plus Bonus: rewards that you'll earn from now on when you fly and collect Elite Points.

Now your Elite Points will be used for much more than just getting you to the next tier.

From 1 April every year, all Iberia Plus Bonus rewards will be available to you: all you have to do is fly and enjoy them!

Getting your Bonus couldn't be easier:

  1. Don't forget to include your Iberia Plus number in each booking.
  1. Every time you fly you'll earn Elite Points, which you can check in your Private Area.
  1. The more Elite Points you earn, the more Bonus rewards you'll get.
  1. We'll let you know when you land on one of the Bonus so you can enjoy it!

Don't forget you can go to your Private Area at any time to check them.

Do you know about all the Bonus rewards you can get?

Iberia Plus Bonus List. 350 Elite Points: €20 voucher*. 700 Elite Points: 1,500 Avios. 1,675 Elite Points: 2,500 Avios. 3,500 Elite Points: 4,000 Avios. 5,000 Elite Points: 5,000 Avios. 8,000 Elite Points: 10,000 Avios. 10,000 Elite Points: Iberia Plus Oro card as a gift**.

* €20 gift: a voucher that you can use at Iberia.com for your flight extras: additional luggage, seat selection, upgrade or priority boarding. You can check the terms and conditions on the FAQs page.

**Additional Iberia Plus Oro card: to redeem this award please contact Customer Services.

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