Being in a hurry to get home, a business meeting, a connecting flight, switching from one transport mode to another...… It's easy to leave something behind on the plane or at the airport when your mind is on something else.

If you think you have left a personal item on board a plane, in one of our VIP lounges or in an Unacompanied Minors (UM) lounge, we might have found it.

If you lost it anywhere else, please contact the lost and found department at the airport in question.


  • Personal identification documents (national ID cards, passports, etc.) are handed in to the airport authorities.

  • Due to limited storage space, we can only keep lost property for one month from the date it was found.

  • Perishable goods are destroyed the following day.

How to find an item you left behind on one of our flights or at our facilities

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