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All Iberia flights and its partners depart and arrive from Barcelona's El Prat Airport T1.

There are an average of 336 flights per day to 43 domestic and international destinations. Among them, the Air Shuttle, (Puente Aéreo) which has areas specially designed to make the service flow more smoothly.

Map of Iberia’s distribution at the T1 terminal

Barcelona airport distribution

Car park

Find out the car-park modules closest to your check-in area.

The second block of car parks, modules D, E and F, is the closest to the check-in Iberia's area and its associated airlines. If you are an Air Shuttle customer, the best car-park area is module F, from where you access the BCN-MAD corridor directly from Level 2.

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Check-in and security control are located on T1 Level 3. Find out exceptions for the Air Shuttle.

On Level 3 of the terminal you will find the check-in hall and security for all Iberia flights (except the Air Shuttle, which is located at North Dock Level 1).

If you are travelling with Air Nostrum Regional, have no baggage to check and have already printed out your boarding pass you can go directly from the car park to the Dique Sur (south dock) on Level 1 security control for boarding.

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Check-in hall

You will find our check-in counters at modules 300 to 400. You also have 50 automatic check-in machines at your disposal.

The check-in counters for Iberia and its associated airlines are found in modules 300 and 400

Check-in for Iberia / Iberia Regional Air Nostrum is at counters 301 to 314, with counter 301 for to Business passengers.

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The Iberia ticket sales and customer-service offices are located next to the check-in counters.


There is an Iberia service point beyond the commercial area. You will also find different information and transit counters for the terminal.

You will find information and transit counters to serve you in several areas in the terminal. There is an Iberia service point beyond the shopping area at the start of the Dique Longitudinal (Longitudinal Dock).

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There are five gates you can board from at T1, three on Level 1 and two on Level 3.

Once you have left the check-in hall and pass through the security controls, passengers come into the shopping and restaurant area and continue on to the boarding areas.

The terminal has five boarding areas: gates A, B and C for domestic and Schengen flights are found on Level 1. Gates D and E for EU Non-Schengen flights are found on Level 3.

  • Boarding for regional flights (Level 1): flights operated by Iberia Regional Air Nostrum board from the South Dock, Zone C. If you do not have baggage to check and you have already printed out your boarding card, you can access it directly from the car park.

  • Boarding for Air Shuttle and Iberia flights with Madrid (Level 1) (including flights with a connection beyond Madrid): zone A, North Dock.

  • Other flights (Levels 1 and 3): In the area shown on your boarding card.

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All passengers collect their baggage in a shared area, except for Air Shuttle passengers.

After disembarking from the aircraft, passengers should head to the Exit and Baggage Claim area.

The baggage-claim area is shared by all flights, except the Air Shuttle which is assigned carousel number 0 (located in the BCN-MAD corridor). There is a special carousel number 16 for baggage from Catalonia flights, located in the general baggage-claim area.

From here you access public and private transport (car park) through a space known as La Plaza.

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