• Flexible Ticket

Flexible Ticket

Flexible Ticket: Voucher refund, Terms and conditions

During the purchasing process add the 'Flexible Ticket' option to your basket in any of the three versions available: the one that entitles you to a voucher refund of the amount paid, the one that gives you one free flight change, or the one where you keep both of the previous options open. Once you have booked it, you have up to 15 days before the departure of the flight to manage it.


Voucher refund

Get back 80% of your money on short- and medium-haul flights, and 100% on long-haul flights in the form of a voucher (includes flights, taxes, bags and seats), which you can use until the amount runs out.


Terms and conditions:

  • You must request the voucher at least 15 days before the departure of the flight for which you want a refund.

  • You have one year (non-extendable) to use it from the date of issue and it is valid for direct and connecting flights operated by all the airlines offered on Iberia.com.

  • Voucher refunds do not include any amounts paid for insurance, car hire or hotels.

  • Iberia issues these vouchers exclusively for its customers.

  • They are not valid for flight+hotel or flight+car bookings.

  • You cannot add more than one code to the same booking.

  • You cannot use them to buy Air Shuttle flights.

  • You cannot use them to buy tickets with Avios, but you can use them to buy tickets with an Avios discount.

  • This voucher represents a full and final refund and it cannot be subsequently exchanged for a cash refund. Once the voucher has been issued by Iberia, it will constitute the refund of the ticket amount for all purposes, including any that may be governed by applicable national and international regulations on compensation and assistance for air passengers in the event of denied boarding or the cancellation/long delay of flights.


One free flight change

Get one free flight change and keep all your extras. You can change the date, time, origin and/or destination.


Terms and conditions:

  • It includes one change to any flight offered on Iberia.com, with no penalty. If the fare you select is higher, you will only have to pay the difference.

  • You must make the change at least 15 days before the departure of the flight in question. If you request the change less than 15 days before the departure of the flight, the terms and conditions of the original fare will apply.

  • The second and all subsequent changes will be subject to the penalty indicated in the terms and conditions of the original fare.


Flexibility Pack

Choose either of the two options and use it up to 15 days before your flight date. When you select one of them, the other will automatically be cancelled.

The terms and conditions will be the same as those indicated above depending on whether you choose a voucher refund or one free flight change.