Procedures at United States Customs may be slow and even uncomfortable, leading to severe delays if you are identified incorrectly or are on the United States government's No Fly List. For this reason, under the DHS TRIP framework, the United States government has created the REDRESS NUMBER.

The REDRESS NUMBER will avoid incorrect identification of passengers requesting it if they feel that they might be on the United States government's No Fly List, or whose name is similar to one on this list and with which it may be confused.

After submitting the request and when this has undergone a period of evaluation, passengers will receive a Control Number commonly known as the REDRESS NUMBER. Passenger can include this 7-digit number at the time of booking or following this, always before checking in, from booking management.


What is the REDRESS Number?

Redress is a solution which avoids future delays for passengers who feel that they have been identified incorrectly, unfairly delayed or who have not been allowed to board the aircraft. Passengers affected tend to have the same or similar name to someone on the United States government's No Fly List.

Remember that there were similar programmes (e.g. the "PIV" and "TIV") prior to the DHS TRIP. These programmes have been consolidated and merged into the DHS TRIP.

What does the REDRESS Number consist of?

It is currently a 7-digit code, although it may have up to 13 digits in future.

Where can I request it?

Passengers can request a REDRESS Number via the DHS (TRIP), from the following website address:

How do I use the REDRESS Number?

This number should be provided voluntarily when you make your booking. All travel agencies and airlines must offer the possibility of including this number. At, you can do this directly when you book online or afterwards from booking management. This should always be before you receive your boarding card.

How will I receive my REDRESS Number?

If your request is completed satisfactorily, you will receive a letter including your REDRESS Number, together with instructions on how to use it.

Can I view the status of my REDRESS Number?

To check the status of an application, go to and enter your Compensation Number. If you have lost or mislaid your REDRESS Number, contact DHS TRIP by e-mail at

Where can I request additional information?

To obtain more information about the process and how to make an application, go to or send an e-mail to