Time limits

Get to your flight on time and improve your experience

Time limit

We suggest check-in times before all flight’s scheduled departure times to get you and your bag checked in before the flight takes off.

Time limit for checking in

45 minutes before your flight

Time limit for boarding

20 minutes before your flight

In some airports in the Iberia network, security necessitates more time before flying.

Cut-off times at Iberia check-in desks

For security reasons, if you are flying to the USA or Latin America from Madrid, we recommend that you arrive at the airport 4 hours in advance. For all other destinations, you should arrive 2 and a half hours before departure.

Check-in cut-off times in Madrid
Departures from Madrid Standard time Exceptions
Short and Medium-Haul Flights (T4, main building) 45 minutes  
Air Shuttle Service 15 minutes 20 minutes (non-jet bridge)
Long-Haul Flights and Africa and Tel Aviv (T4, satellite building) 55 minutes  
Check-in cut-off times for all over airports
Departures from all other airports Standard time Exceptions
Short and Medium-Haul Flights 45 minutes  
Air Shuttle Service 15 minutes 20 minutes (non-jet bridge)
Long-Haul Flights 60 minutes 120 minutes: Caracas, Cali & Medellín
75 minutes: Buenos Aires, Santo Domingo, Ecuador & Peru
40 minutes: Guatemala
Flights to Africa 60 minutes  

Early boarding pass

If your destination is domestic, European Union or Schengen treaty countries and you are not carrying baggage, you should go at the Iberia contact points at the terminal half an hour beforehand.

Automatic check-in

There is an automated check-in system in main Spanish airport terminals to cut times and improve your flying experience.

Remember that

We ask all passengers to respect the check-in time limits in order to guarantee that flights depart on time. Any passengers who do not complete the check-in formalities within the time limit indicated will not be accepted for the flight, and the carrier will have no liability for their non-acceptance.

You should always carry updated travel documentation: National identification card and/or passport for EU and Schengen origins and destinations; Passport and visas for other destination and origin countries.

Check which part of your baggage is free and is included in your contracted baggage allowance.

The Iberia contact points at your terminal are: Boarding gate, check-in counter and Iberia Information Points. Business Class and Business Plus passengers also have the VIP lounges.

Departure times are calculated so that the carrier meets all the previous requirements before the aircraft departs.

And remember

  • Check in early.
  • Make sure you arrive at the airport in good time to go through all the security controls.
  • If you do not arrive within the time limit you may be forced to cancel your ticket.
  • Always have your documentation on hand.
  • There are boarding and check-in systems that cut down on time.

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