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We help you manage everything related to your travel. We answer all your questions about lost property, baggage, complaints and invoice requests. Contact us on social media.

Contact us

We assist you with all your travel arrangements:

Contact telephone numbers in Spain:

For more information or new bookings, please contact:

  • 900 111 500 (free phone, available within Spain).

  • +34 91 333 67 01 (local telephone without additional charges).

If you want to contact us from another country, call our Booking offices.

Request invoice for purchases on Iberia

If you need the invoice for a ticket bought through or Serviberia for a company in Spain,* Gibraltar or Andorra, you can request it through Request invoice.
If you also need the invoice for advance seat selection, you can manage it separately on the same page.

You can also manage invoices for tickets bought on Mexico and Guatemala online. For all other countries, please contact our Booking Offices.

If you want an invoice for a ticket bought through any other channel, please contact them directly.

* VAT on air tickets is regulated by Law 37/1992 of 28 December on Value Added Tax. The VAT rate for domestic flights is 10%. International flights and flights with a destination or origin in the Canary Islands are exempt. Flights to the Balearic Islands are also subject to 10% VAT. However, the rate for the part over international waters is exempt.

How can I get information on an open case?

  • Baggage Service Centre: If you are enquiring about a baggage claim "PIR" (loss, delay or damage), you can get more information by calling the number you were given when you submitted your claim at the airport or through the "online" baggage tracking service.

  • Iberia Plus: If your claim is related to Iberia Plus, please use the contact email, fax or telephone number indicated in your Iberia Plus Service Centre or fill in the form.

  • If you want to check the status of claim already submitted, please use this form Check the status of your incident.

  • If your enquiry is related to a claim not mentioned above, we apologise for not getting in touch with you before now. Our customer service team is currently working on your claim. We aim to resolve all incidents within 21 days, but sometimes we need to request information from other parties and this can lead to a longer resolution time.

Claims, complaints and receipts

To send us your comments, request flights receipts and refunds or any other issues, or to check the status of a claim already submitted, you can access the form.

If you have already made a claim regarding your luggage (loss, delay or damage), you can check the status by accessing through this page.

What are my options if my flight has been cancelled?

If your flight has been cancelled or you have experienced any other type of disruption (long delay, denied boarding…), you have a series of options in accordance with the regulations applicable to your jurisdiction. In certain cases these may include the right to obtain a refund for your ticket, as stipulated in Regulation CE 261/2004 of 11 February. The options available include the following (*):

  • An alternative flight proposed by Iberia to take you to your final destination as quickly as possible.

  • You may also choose an alternative flight of your convenience; or

  • if you no longer wish to travel, you may request a refund of your booking free of charge, choosing between a voucher or cash returned to you through the same method you used to buy your ticket.

You can manage most of the these options through your personal area in Manage your booking. If you bought your ticket through an agency or intermediary, you may have to request a cash refund through them. However, if you do not get a reply from them, you may also request the refund directly through our Customer Service Offices.

(*) The options shown are those that apply in accordance with the aforementioned Regulation CE 261/2004. You can check your passenger rights.

Who can I contact to recover an item left?

To submit a lost property claim for items left at the airport (boarding gates, controls, etc.), contact the lost and found office at the airport in question. Please check the airport website for the contact details.

Iberia only processes lost property claims for items left on its planes, in the VIP and UM lounges, or on the buses that take you to/from the plane. For items left on a plane operated by another airline, we advise you to contact the customer service department of the airline in question. You can search for lost property from the second day after you left it behind.
Iberia cannot be held responsible for the loss of items left on board its planes.

Iberia on your mobile

Download the Iberia app to be able to buy tickets and manage your flights quickly and conveniently whenever and wherever you want.

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Get free updates in real time by sms or email on any disruption, incident or change to your flight, even after take-off, with Iberia conecta.

Iberia on WhatsApp

We taking another step forward in the digital transformation of our company by offering a new customer service channel in Spanish adapted to your needs: the Iberia virtual assistant on WhatsApp will be a really useful contact.

Here are some of the things you can do with it:

  • Check the status of your flight.

  • Get general information about your trip: the items you can take in your hand luggage, the belt number to reclaim your bag at the destination, etc.

  • Check in for any Schengen destination on flights operated by Iberia, Iberia Express or Iberia Regional Air Nostrum, except the Air Shuttle, with the same ease as through the check-in available on

Social Responsibility & Sustainability at Iberia

At Iberia we work to ensure sustainable and efficient growth of our operations, integrating business sustainability through constant improvement of environmental management and by helping to create a fairer and healthier society. We conduct our business responsibly and with transparency, caring for the environment and actively engaging in social projects.

We understand the challenge that lies ahead and we change to achieve a single goal: little by little and step by step, but with relentless determination, we want to make the future better for everyone.

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