Iberia Plus Oro

Extend the advantages you already have in Plata: discover a world of exclusivity and make the most of every second until your flight.


 At the airport

You are priority weight-listed on bookings

With Iberia Plus Oro you go first. Identify yourself as an Iberia Plus customer at check-in or when you purchase or book your ticket and we will prioritise you on the waiting list for your flight.

Valid for Iberia Group tickets (Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum) as well as any of the oneworld alliance companies. Not valid for tickets charged with Avios.

Check-in at Business desks

Regardless of the class you have booked, save time by checking in your luggage at any of the Business class desks.

Valid for flights operated and sold by a oneworld member airline ("sold" means that the flight number of the oneworld member airline must appear on the ticket).

Take more luggage with you

You can carry one additional piece of luggage up to 32 kg on tickets with no or one piece of luggage. This benefit is valid for flights purchased and operated by the Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Regional Air Nostum and Iberia Express). In addition, you can benefit from an overweight allowance of up to 32kg per bag included in your booking.

Likewise, as an Iberia Plus Oro customer, all sports luggage and musical instruments will be considered within the luggage allowance on all flights operated by the Iberia Group and will not incur any additional charge as long as they do not exceed these conditions.

The oneworld airlines reserve the right to restrict any benefits they deem appropriate in any of their fares.

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Top priority for boarding

Enjoy being the first to board the plane on all flights operated by the Iberia Group and avoid unnecessary waiting at the boarding gate. As Iberia Plus Oro you are part of priority boarding group 1.

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You can use the VIP lounges before the departure of your flight

  • Being Iberia Plus Oro gives you access to any Iberia lounge worldwide if your flight is operated by the Iberia Group (Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum) and/or sold by Iberia.

  • Your guest will be eligible if their flight meets these conditions and/or they hold a oneworld airline boarding pass for that day. A flight is considered to be oneworld if the marketing airline and operator are members of the alliance.

  • When your flight is operated by the Iberia Group, you can travel with your children under 18 years of age (in addition to the guest), as long as they are travelling with you.

  • The policy on using VIP lounges with guests, regardless of whether they are the member's children, may vary at different airports. Check here for more info here.

  • In the case of flights sold by Iberia and operated by non-oneworld airlines, the VIP Lounge service will be available at airports where the Iberia Group operates.

  • And when you travel on a oneworld flight, you and your companion will have nearly 650 VIP lounges around the world at your disposal. Your guest must have a boarding pass from a oneworld airline for that day. For more information and conditions see here.

Find out more about VIP lounges

Fast Track - VIP Access

  • Whenever you fly on Iberia Group-operated flights, just for being an Oro member you can access the security control without waiting in line, quickly and easily.*

  • In the case of flights departing from Madrid that are operated and/or sold by Iberia, you can also access the service with a companion.

  • And if your journey commences in Madrid, you can also access the service with children under 18 travelling with you on flights operated by Iberia.

* This service is subject to the pertinent airport's operational restrictions.

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You can leave your car in Parking Vip at no extra charge

When you fly with Iberia or Iberia Regional/Air Nostrum, we offer you a free parking service at Madrid and Barcelona airports.

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 In flight

Access exclusive seats with your Avios

You can use your Avios to buy one of the tickets that Iberia reserves for Iberia Plus customers.

Book with Avios

Class upgrades with your Avios

You can use your Avios to upgrade your booking to a higher class. Buy your ticket in Economy and fly in Premium Economy or Business (or upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class) using your Avios. 

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On-board Wi-Fi

Iberia offers a Wi-Fi service on 90% of its aircraft so you can stay connected at all times. 

Free connectivity for messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

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Free choice of seat

As an Iberia Plus Oro customer, you can select the seat for your flight free of charge.

In the case of Oro (oneworld sapphire) customers, this does not include XL seats.

Further information

Your seat is guaranteed

  • So long as you book a full fare ticket and identify yourself as an Iberia Plus Oro customer, we will carry out all the procedures needed on full fare flights, to guarantee you a seat in Economy Full class up to 24 hours before your flight. If the booking could not be made for some reason, Iberia will priority weight-list you in Business Class or the alternative that best suits you.

  • Valid for flights with the IB code and operated by the Iberia Group with a fare that is eligible to earn Avios and Elite Points.

More seats for more Avios

You have the chance to use a seat in Business or Economy on Iberia flights (I/V classes) and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum (I/S classes) if the number of seats that can be charged to Avios has been filled. You will have to pay double the number of Avios that this leg in the chosen class would cost you.

 In the oneworld alliance

You benefit from the advantages of oneworld Sapphire

As an Iberia Plus customer, flying with any oneworld airline also earns you Avios and Elite Points. Elite Points allow you to upgrade your Iberia Plus and oneworld status.

Just by being an Iberia Plus Oro customer you are already a oneworld Sapphire member and are entitled to the following benefits on partner airlines*:

  • Access to VIP lounges.

  • Priority boarding.

  • Preferential check-in at Business desks

  • Preference for choosing your seat (where available).

  • Priority on airport waiting lists.

*The oneworld airlines reserve the right to restrict any benefits they deem appropriate in any of their fares.

Find out more about oneworld benefits

 Grants, special benefits and more

Exclusive customer service call centre

The Iberia Plus Oro Service Centre will be at your disposal 24/7, providing personalised assistance for everything related to your Iberia flights and your Iberia Plus Oro.

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You keep your Iberia Plus level while on maternity leave for another year

If you are pregnant, have recently given birth or are in the process of adopting a child, you won't lose your Iberia Plus status even though you take fewer flights during the year.

  • To extend the validity of your level for an additional period, simply provide proof of maternity or paternity leave with a medical report or your maternity benefit certificate via our form. Once we have verified your document, we will destroy it for your safety and send you an email confirming the renewal of your level in the programme.

  • The application period is from the date of the medical report confirming your pregnancy until twelve (12) months after the birth of your child, the court ruling in cases of adoption or guardianship, or the date of the administrative or court decision in cases of fostering.

  • In the case of the other parent, to request the renewal of the Iberia Plus level, at least 8 weeks of the maternity/paternity leave must have been taken during the validity of the level. The level's validity will not be extended until the entire leave has been taken.

  • This benefit is not valid for renewing the Iberia Plus level for two consecutive periods, even if the leave was taken in two different Iberia Plus years.

  • This benefit does not apply to Iberia Plus levels obtained by criteria other than the programme's standard ones, depending on the flights or Elite Points accumulated.

For flights operated by Iberia for LEVEL, none of these benefits apply

Moving up to Platino, closer than you think

You only need to accumulate points between 1 April of the current year and 31 March of the following year:

  • 6,250 Elite Points

Discover Iberia Plus Platino

Access or maintain Iberia Plus Oro status

You only need to accumulate points between 1 April of the current year and 31 March of the following year:

  • 2,250 Elite Points or
  • 50 flights

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