Accessibility Statement

Iberia constantly strives to ensure universal access to our website, regardless of the hardware, software, network infrastructure, language, culture, geographical location and skills of the users. To this end, it has implemented the accessibility guidelines for Web 2.0 content set by W3C-WAI and abides by the AA requirement level.

For this task, Iberia collaborates with ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad, a company that certifies accessibility of web environments since 2003.

Accessibility characteristics of this website

Compliance with standards XHTML and CSS: Correct encryption can be correctly interpreted by browsing devices, especially by special devices used by people with limitations.

Correct semantic structure: Organised presentation layout to ensure better access to content; particular care is given to headings, lists and tags, i.e. key elements in navigation using screen readers.

Remove codes that are not recommended by W3C: Support tools can interpret and display content and its context correctly.

Use of proportional measurements in style sheets: This benefits the user since they can control how the content is shown on screen.

Strive for the contrast between content and background to be at least in accordance with minimum requirements: Ensure that all users can read the content.

Accessible form development: So as not to limit the ability to raise queries, submit requests, search content and, in general, interact with the website.

Separation of content, presentation and Javascript programming: so that users that do not have this technology are able to understand and access all information on the page.

Add title attributes to the links: so that the links' names make sense out of context.

Always offer an alternative to dynamic content (Javascript, Ajax, Videos, etc.): so that users that are not able to access this technology can navigate and understand the content correctly.

Perceivable: We have tried to ensure that all online information and content can be perceived by all users.

Operable: Developments on Iberia's website are focused on the users, irrespective of their skills. The purpose is that all interfaces can be used and adapted.

Comprehensible: Content implementation and page interface handling ensure that can they been comprehended by all users.

Robust: All operations on Iberia's website have been developed, assessed and tested to ensure that they are supported by multiple user applications.

Compliance: Iberia's website fully observes and complies with AA/WCAG 2.0 suitability level on all pages and processes. There are no interferences and its content is supported and can be accessed by the most common technical aids.

Accessible content

The following content and functionalities are fully accessible (AA) and are always evolving.

  • Buying tickets and associated products in any form (/flight-search-engine/).

  • Request for special requirements due to visual, hearing or cognitive impairment.

  • Check-in for any flight operated by Iberia (/online-checkin/).

  • Access to and change of bookings (/manage-my-booking/).

  • Access to information about flight status (/arrivals-and-departures/).

  • Check flight times (/schedules/).

  • Access to and management of personal information under the company's loyalty programme.

  • Company contact details.

Accessibility references

The following resources about tools and support products that are compatible with our website may also be of use to you and help to improve your browsing experience.

  • WCAG 2.0 guidelines (

  • Guidelines from section 508 of the U.S. Federal Government.

  • Visual aid tool.

  • Hearing aid tool.

  • Cognitive aid tool.

Initiatives and projects with ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad  to improve universal accessibility in every Iberia environment.