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Online check-in

Check the requirements you need to meet for your trip

To plan your trip as smoothly as possible, be sure to check in advance all the documents, vaccines and other requirements in place in the destination country.

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Travel light

  • We recommend that you check in your hand baggage free of charge and board with only a small bag or brief case (not available on Iberia Regional Air Nostrum flights) to travel more comfortably.

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Arrival at the airport

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At the airport. Before boarding

Check in your hand luggage

Remember, you can check in hand luggage free of charge (except on flights operated by Iberia Regional Air Nostrum) at the desks in the check-in area, so you just board with your personal accessory (max. 40 x 30 x 15 cm). This accessory must be placed under the seat in front of you.

On high-occupancy flights where capacity on the aircraft is more limited, some hand luggage may be removed and placed in the hold, even if it complies with the regulations.



Security control

It can take quite a long time to get through security control. For your peace of mind, we advise you to get to the airport in good time and follow these recommendations:

  • Have your boarding pass handy.

  • Place your personal belongings, metal objects, coat and electronic devices in the trays, separate from your hand luggage. Liquids should be placed in a sealed clear plastic bag.

  • Go through the security arch when you are called forward and don't forget to collect all your belongings.

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At the airport. Boarding

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On board

On-board service


We are offering a new on-board service in Business, Premium Economy and Economy on long-haul flights and in Business on medium-haul flights lasting more than four and a half hours. These menus are prepared daily with fresh, seasonal ingredients and in accordance with all the necessary Covid health and safety measures so you can enjoy your travel experience with complete confidence.
In Economy class on domestic flights and short and medium-haul European flights, you can buy snacks and drinks from our “Buy on board” menu.
Another option we offer is the Pre-Order service, where you can order in advance the menu or fresh, seasonal products you want to have during the flight.

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On arrival


When we land at the destination airport, we ask you to remain seated until the crew announces the start of the disembarkation process. Before getting off the plane, make sure that you take all your hand luggage with you and that you don't leave any personal items on board.

We recommend that you keep your boarding pass until you leave the airport at your final destination because you may be required to produce it for travel control purposes.

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