What can you find?

Locate everything you need at the terminals where you can find everything Iberia: T4 and T4S.

What can you find

Iberia distribution at terminals T4 and T4S

Get around Terminals T4 and T4S to see the layout and how different areas are connected.

Two independent buildings (T4 and T4S) joined by the airport service tunnel (AST) and the airport people mover (APM), T4 is located at the northern end of the present Madrid-Barajas airport.

You can always access it via T4 or the Terminal Building regardless of the terminal assigned for your flight (T4 and T4S).

You also have 64 jetways which guarantee your comfort as the vast majority of flights board and disembark from them.

T4 Terminal (Terminal Building)

The T4 Terminal Building can be divided into three blocks

  • The first, on Level 2, is where all flights in the Terminal Area are checked-in for, including the Air Shuttle (Puente Aéreo) and Air Nostrum. There are 174 check-in counters, two for special-baggage check-in (766 and 936).

  • The second block, on Level 2, is where the security controls are carried out and part of the commercial area is located.

  • The third, on Level 1, known as El Dique, is home to the boarding area, with 38 fingers for domestic and Schengen (*) traffic, which give you direct access to the aircraft. It is 1.14 km long.

T4 is also where baggage is collected from (Level 0) for all Terminal Area flights.


The bottom floor (Level -2) is where the the automated people mover between terminals is located.

Terminal T4S (Satellite Building)

Only flights with EU Non-Schengen destinations, wide fuselage aircraft and some flights with a Schengen destination (*) board and disembark at the satellite building.

Remember that the check-in of all flights is from the Main Terminal, Terminal Building or T4.

This Satellite Building, covering 286,984 m2, is equipped with 26 fingers (16 double).

Passenger boarding for international and EU Non-Schengen flights is from Level 1 and disembarkation is from Level 2.

Domestic and Schengen passenger boarding and disembarkation is from the central area of Level 0.

Remember that baggage collection for all flights in the Terminal Area is at T4 (Level 0).

The bottom floor (Level -2) is where the the automated people mover between terminals is located.

(*) With some exceptions, all Iberia Schengen/Schengen flights depart from T4.

* Check online flight arrivals and departures information to determine the terminal your flight operates out of.

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VIP lounges

The most exclusive private setting in the most public place in the world: airports.

Iberia Premium Lounges offer you a wide range of services in a setting filled with small details so you can find your own private space.

We offer refurbished lounges with relaxation areas, meeting rooms, leisure spaces and a buffet where you can try Spanish and Mediterranean dishes freshly made every day with natural and seasonal products.

There is a VIP room at T4

DALI Room: Located on Level 2 of the T4 building, beyond the security controls (both the conventional and the Air Shuttle flights control).

The service is offered to all the customers of Schengen and domestic flights that operate out of the terminal.

There is a VIP room at T4Sp

The VELÁZQUEZ Room is located in the middle of Level 1 of the T4S building, at the end of the stores and restaurants area.

The dinner service at our restaurant is offered to all Business customers and Iberia Plus Oro, Platino, Infinita, Infinita Prime and Singular members on long-haul night flights operated by Iberia.

More information on the Premium Lounge.

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How to get your bearings

We show you the distribution of the T4 and T4S Terminals in which all Iberia flights operate.

Colour-coded signage

To help passengers get their bearings and due to the Terminal’s large size, a more comfortable and modern terminal has been designed down to the last detail, which involves a more intuitive signage system to help passengers get around. The large windows mean you don’t lose sight of any visual references, which is helpful when it comes to getting your bearings. Plus a very simple and functional colour-based system is used.

The structure of both buildings is coloured in tones that range from bright blue to red, marking the cardinal points North (blue) and South (red). The central part is yellow. The boarding gates are marked in the colours that correspond to the terminal area or zone in which they are located (gates H in red, J in yellow, K in blue, etc.).

Air Shuttle Passengers

To fly on the Air Shuttle (Puente Aéreo) you will have to:

  • 1.- Access from Terminal 4, Level 2 (Check-in) and head to the dedicated Air Shuttle counters on the same floor.

  • 2.- Once you have checked in, you must pass the security control located off to the side.

  • 3.- After checking in, head to the boarding gates located on Level 1. For the Air Shuttle, the closest gates will be:

    J50, J51, J52, J54, J56 ,J58, K62 and K68 (*)

Air Shuttle schedules:

(*) Gate numbers may change. Always check the information screen to find out which gate your flight is assigned to. Remember that some flights may operate out of the Satellite Terminal (T4S).

Air Nostrum Passengers

To fly with Air Nostrum, you will have to:

  • 1.- Access from Terminal 4, Level 2 (Check-in) and there check in at any Iberia counter.

  • 2.- Once you have checked in, head to the regular security control, located in front of the counters.

  • 3.- After checking in, head to the boarding gates located on Level 1. The gates furthest away from you on the North side are gates K (K86 - K93).

Customer Service Desks

Iberia Customer Service points available.

T4 has four points:

  • Two customer service and sales points at the front of the check-in areas (Level 2).

  • One point in the boarding area of the K gates (Level 1).

  • One point in the arrivals area (baggage reclaim, Level 0).

T4s has two points:

  • One in the middle of Level 2.

  • One in the boarding area of Level 1.

Flight check-in

Except for the Air Shuttle, the check-in area for all flights at T4 Madrid is multi-purpose.

The check-in counters are divided into 10 islands, with 20 simultaneous check-in positions on each side.

The central counters are the ones set aside for Iberia (780-910)

Business Class Passengers

  • Iberia’s Business Class counters are located in the middle area. They are counter numbers 780-799.

Economy Class Passengers

  • Iberia’s general Economy Class counters are located between numbers 810 and 910.

Check-in machines with bag tag printer

Located between desks 850 and 859.

Available for customers flying to destinations in Europe (except United Kingdom).

Wide carousels at counters 766 and 936 are for checking special baggage.

Check online information on flight arrivals and departures to make sure you know which terminal your flight operates out of.

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Wi-Fi at T4

The airport has a free Wi-Fi service for you to use during your time at the terminal.

To connect, just look for the Airport Free Wifi Aena network on your device, click on freewifi.aena.es and enter with your email, Facebook or LinkedIn account.

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