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What is Iberia Plus?

Access members-only tickets

Earn points with the programme and redeem them later to access limited seats on each flight reserved specially for our Iberia Plus customers.

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Enhance your travel experience

Priority boarding and check-in, cabin upgrades, access to VIP lounges around the world, on-board Wi-Fi (instant messaging), etc. are just some of the advantages of being Iberia Plus.

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Earn Avios in your daily life

Earning Iberia Plus points is very easy: you'll earn Avios every time you pay for services provided by the programme's 90+ partners.

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Iberia Plus


Iberia Plus has two types of points: Avios and Elite Points

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Avios are the currency that will help you to get discounts on flights, accommodation, car hire, leisure activities and more.

Earn them when you fly or with your daily purchases and then you choose when and how to redeem them.

How do I get them?

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With Elite Points you can upgrade your level in the programme and get more benefits when you travel.

Get them by flying with Iberia or any of the oneworld Alliance airlines.

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Iberia Plus levels and their advantages

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Create your Iberia Plus account and start earning points



Sign up in just a few minutes

Create an account with your email and password for free. It's that easy.



Earn Avios and use them when you shop online

Earn Avios by flying or in your day-to-day life with our 90+ partners and then exchange them for discounts on tickets, experiences, hotel nights, car hire and much more.



Earn Elite Points with your flights

When you fly, as well as Avios, you'll get Elite Points, which you can use to upgrade to the next level and also to win prizes and extra Bonuses.



Enjoy the benefits of your level

Enjoy the benefits of your Iberia Plus level during your trip.




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