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At Iberia Plus we've learned the value you attach to every trip. So to adapt to your preferences we've changed the method for earning Avios. This new method is clearer and simpler, the way you like things.

Because if every trip counts for you, it does for us as well.

According to your Iberia Plus level:

Get extra Avios on certain destinations
on top of the ones you collect for your card level.


Let's look at a few examples to see how it works

**Examples of average price of a standard flight.

How do you move up to the next Iberia Plus level and unlock more advantages?

That hasn't changed, the mechanism is the same as before.
Every time you fly you earn Elite Points that determine your Iberia Plus level. You can find our more here.

Earn Avios on your trips. And every day as well.

As you know, you don't only collect Avios on your flights. You also have more than 90 partners in the programme where you can earn Avios every day: when you hire car, stay at a hotel, book a leisure experience, shop, pay with a financial card, etc.
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Because now with Iberia Plus every trip you make counts. And a lot.
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Want to know more?

Find out all the details about your new way of collecting Avios.

Check our FAQ here

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