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Advantages of On Business membership

Take your company travel to the next level with On Business. Enjoy a unique flying experience and unlock fantastic advantages every day.

The more flights you take, the more advantages for your company

We show you how to get points and exclusive discounts for your company while letting your employees still benefit from the Iberia Plus programme if they have their own account

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How to get discounts and On Business points

When you make bookings* on or in your personal On Business space, sign in as a member company of the programme so you can get a direct discount on the price and earn On Business points. The travelling employee will also receive their Iberia Plus points if they have their own account.

Exclusive discounts


Get direct discounts on the price of your tickets, available to On Business members only.


On Business points


Earn On Business points and redeem them later for flights and cabin upgrades. 


    *Valid for flights operated by Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum, British Airways and American Airlines.

How many On Business points can I earn?

The points you accrue depend on your On Business tier. When you register with the programme, you start on Tier 1 and automatically progress to tiers 2 and 3 as you spend more on company travel. When you reach a tier, you remain there for one calendar year.

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How to redeem your On Business points

Employees and/or travel agencies authorised by the On Business member company can redeem points.

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