Airbus A340-300

All about our aircraft

Engines: 4
Iberia Units: 6
Length: 63,70 m
Manufacturer: Airbus Industries
Wingspan: 60,30 m
Engine manufacturer: CFM International
Range: 12.700 km
Seats: 254
Routes: Long haul
airbus A-340/300

Curious facts

On January 4, 1998, the Airbus A-340 opened Iberia's longest non-stop route, between Madrid and Santiago, Chile.

This aircraft has set four world records: first non-stop flight between Le Bourget, France and Auckland, New Zealand, taking 21 hours and 31 minutes; the longest flight by any commercial airline (19,100 km.); the fastest flight around the world by an aircraft in its class, and the fastest return flight from New Zealand to France.

Iberia has christened them with the names of famous Spaniards such as the 19th century poet Rosalía de Castro and the 20th century lexicographer María Moliner. They are the first Iberia airplanes to bear women's names.