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All about Iberia promotional discounts

Use our promotional codes to get immediate discounts on your flights. See where to find them and how you can apply these discount codes to your next purchase.

How to use your discount code

How to pay with a promotional code

Image of the box used to apply the discount code, voucher or gift card before making the payment

Do you have a discount code? It's very easy to redeem it against your next purchase on Iberia.com.

Once you have selected your flight and reached the payment page, on the right-hand side you'll see a box with the words 'Do you have a voucher, discount code or gift card?'. Enter your discount code exactly as shown, bearing in mind in any uppercase, lowercase or special characters. Select 'Apply' and that's it! 

The new price payable will appear with the discount already applied.

Do you know where to find the discount codes?

Here you can get discount vouchers for Iberia.com and find out about all the latest offers.

Discount codes: frequently asked questions

How can I get discounts on Iberia flights?

You can get discounts on Iberia flights using our promotional codes for purchases on Iberia.com.

Where can I find these promotional codes?

You will find promo codes to redeem against your purchases on Iberia.com on our social networks, by subscribing to our newsletter or becoming an Iberia Plus client.

Further information

I have a discount code, how can I redeem it?

Choose your flights and when completing the purchase process, go to the payment screen and enter your discount code in the box enabled for this purpose.

Can't find it?

Can I use these Iberia discounts to pay for any product on the website?

You can apply your discount codes to the purchase of any ticket, except on the Puente Aéreo (air shuttle service). You can also redeem promotional codes when you buy other products in addition to the flight on Iberia.com, such as suitcases or seats, but not when you buy a holiday package. Discount codes apply if you pay with Cash & Avios, but not if you pay only with Avios.

In case you have any doubts, consult the general terms and conditions for the Iberia discount codes.

I have an Iberia voucher. Is it the same as a discount code?

A discount code and a refund voucher are different products:

  • A discount code is a promotional code that applies a percentage discount (10%, 20%, etc.) or discounted amount (€10, €20…) to the total amount for your purchase. You can only use it once.

  • A voucher is the amount received as a refund for a ticket that you have not used. You can use it once or several times to book on Iberia.com, until the balance has been used up.

Checking and managing your vouchers


Enter your voucher identification code and the e-mail address you used to request it to view the remaining balance, expiry date and conditions of use.