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      Over 100 volcanoes have left impressive lunar landscapes and underwater seascapes. If you book one of our cheap flights to Lanzarote, you'll be able to enjoy genuinely paradisiacal beaches and major natural parks, including Timanfaya. In the northern town of Haría, whose microclimate makes it the greenest on the island, stands Mount Corona, a volcano which thousands of years ago carved out stunning natural caves and fascinating underwater tunnels.
      If you're a surfing enthusiast or lover of other water sports, go to Famara Beach near Teguis. Lanzarote enjoys a very mild climate, with an average annual temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and hardly any rainfall.

      The cuisine is rooted in traditional Spanish cooking but with strong African and Latin American influences. You'll find fish and seafood on every menu, with exquisite dishes based on tuna, sea bass, hake, sword fish, crab, lobster or mussels. One of the most popular specialities is the Canary Island stew known as "sancocho", made from grouper (a typical fish caught in these waters).

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      • Marrakesh - Lanzarote