In-flight services

Compare the different types of seats and discover all the in-flight services we offer: food and drink, films, music, WiFi and digital press. Read the tips on how to make your trip more enjoyable.

On-board menu

Check the range of food and drink on all our flights for all cabin classes. This service is free for our Business Class customers and also for our customers flying in Premium Economy and Economy on long-haul flights.
The On-board service times section shows the different meals served, which vary according to destination, cabin class, flight time and time of day.

In Economy class on short and medium-haul flights we offer a new concept called Gastrobar with two different types of service: the new Buy on Board menu with products offered during the flight, such as sandwiches, snacks and drinks, and the Pre-order service with a variety of menus and dishes, all made with fresh seasonal ingredients, that you purchase before the departure of your flight to enjoy on board.

If you want to order a special meal, once your booking has been confirmed go to Manage your booking.
We offer this service to customers travelling in Business class on flights of more than 90 minutes and to customers in Economy class on flights with a duration of more than 4 and a half hours.
We offer the following special meals: Asian vegetarian, vegan vegetarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian, low-fat, low-lactose, low-calorie, low-salt, diabetic, gluten intolerant, baby meal, Kosher, Muslim and non-vegetarian Hindu.

Types of seat on board

Just as you choose your destination, flights and hotel when you plan your trip, it is also important to decide where you want to sit on the plane. Our comparison chart is a useful way to choose your seat because you can see the different characteristics in the cabin you are travelling in.

Movies, music and entertainment on board

On our long-haul flights you can enjoy multiple entertainment options: over 65 films, including the latest releases, from all genres and in a variety of languages.

You can also choose from over 105 Spanish and international TV shows, documentaries, sports, technology programmes, travel shows, and much more. And if you prefer to listen to music, we offer over 60 albums of classical music and new releases, as well as a variety of audiobooks, podcasts and games.

On our New-Generation A350s you can also enjoy entertainment on our new, larger 4k touch screens, where you can connect your own wireless headphones via Bluetooth.

In-flight connectivity: WiFi service and Bluetooth connection

Now you can open your email, check social media, send text messages, use instant messaging apps and much more during your flight thanks to our on-board WiFi.

If you are travelling in Business class, are an Iberia Plus member or you register with the programme, you get free access to the service for messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Viber throughout the flight.

On our new-generation A350s you can also connect your own wireless headphones via Bluetooth to enjoy in-flight entertainment on our new 4K touchscreens.

Tips for a more comfortable trip

Although nowadays commercial planes are very safe and comfortable, you can enjoy a healthier travel experience by following a few tips:

  • Changes in pressure. Avoid heavy food and food that causes flatulence the day before you fly. Our on-board menus do not include any ill-advised ingredients.

  • Humidity. The relative humidity in the cabin is lower than in other indoor environments and can cause a certain degree of dehydration. Try to avoid coffee and alcohol the day before you fly and increase your fluid intake during the flight.

  • Space and movement. Space is limited on a plane meaning that movement is also limited. Make sure your hand luggage doesn't impede the movement of your legs and wear comfortable and preferably loose clothing.

Digital press service

In collaboration with PressReader, Iberia offers over 7,000 digital newspapers and magazines from over 150 countries, in 60 languages. This has enabled us to fulfil our commitment to the environment by reducing our annual paper consumption by 640tn and cutting our CO2 emissions by 615tn.
Download any publications you want before you travel to read on board or at a later time.

Ronda magazine

The latest edition of our magazine Ronda includes features on the destinations we fly to, interviews, current events, gastronomy, fashion, cultural and leisure activities, and of course the catalogue for our On-board Shop.

Business Plus Wine List

Welcome to our wine route: the finest wineries in Spain fly with you to complete your menu.
Download the quarterly wine list and this month's suggestions.

If you are a member of Iberia Plus, our Wine Club will deliver to your home the exclusive selection of wines reserved for our Business class and VIP lounges. We deliver to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.