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PressReader Iberia

In-flight digital press service

Discover our in-flight digital press service, a new way to enjoy thousands of newspapers and magazines on board, completely free of charge.

While offering more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from more than 150 countries in 60 languages, we're contributing to our environmental commitment of reducing paper consumption by 640 tonnes per year and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 615 tonnes.

To enjoy this service, just follow these easy steps:

  • Open the Iberia app

  • Enter your surname and booking reference in "My Trips"

  • Tap the link "Free Press and Magazines"

  • Open the PressReader app to access the service


If you're travelling in economy class, you'll be able to download the content you want to read on board during the 24 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

If you've booked business or premium economy class, you'll have 48 hours to download content.

Do you need more information?

What is PressReader?

It is a platform that provides access to digital media and with whom Iberia has reached an agreement to allow its customers to download more than 7,000 publications for free, including international newspapers and national and international magazines.

For how long can I access PressReader and download publications at no cost?

If you have access to the Premium Lounge and you use the codes you are given there, you have 24 hours to download whatever you want. In other cases it depends on the cabin in which you travel and your Iberia Plus level.

Members Economy and Premium Economy Cabin: you also have 24 hours.

Members Iberia Plus Oro and Business: 48-hour access.

Members Iberia Plus Platino. 72 hours.

Members Infinita Prime and Infinita: 10 days.

Can I access it during the flight?

You should download any publications before you fly so you can read them immediately and conveniently during or after the flight.

Can I download publications from the website?

No. If you are accessing PressReader from the website you can read any content you like but you cannot download it to read later. We recommend you use the app to download and save any publications. Once downloaded you can read them without needing an internet connection and until you decide to delete them from your device.

How can I connect to PressReader?

It's really simple: 24 hours before the departure of your flight, open the Iberia app, go to "My Trips" and enter your surname and booking locator. There you'll see a link which you can click on to access all the publications. If you haven't downloaded the Press Reader app, you can download it there and then and keep it for your next flights.

Now you'll be able to use Press Reader from 24 hours to ten days (depending on each case) and download any publications you like during that period.

Can I use PressReader on any device?

You can download the PressReader app onto tablets and smart phones and the main operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon, Blackberry and Mac).

You must download any publications in which you are interested onto the device on which you are going to read them.

In which app stores is PressReader available?

Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Amazon and Blackberry World.

I've opened the PressReader app but the content is blocked. How can I unblock the publications I want to read or download?

When you first open the PressReader app from the Iberia app, link or code you receive from Iberia, you will see a welcome message from the company.

If you can't see it, you have probably not connected properly and need to reconnect.

1. If you are trying to connect from the Iberia app and you see a padlock above a publication, go back to the Iberia app and click on the link from the device on which you are going to read it.

2. If you are using a passcode from the Premium Lounge and you see the padlock icon above a publication, go back to pressreader.com/Iberia and ender your card passcode again. If you don't have a card or your passcode doesn't work, please ask the Iberia staff in the lounge.

Make sure you are within your free access period.

How can I download the newspapers or magazines?

Once you have accessed the app, close the company welcome screen and click on Publications to view the available catalogue. You can use the search bar to find your favourite title and also search by language and category. Once you have found the publication, click on the download symbol.

If you want to check which publications you have downloaded, click on "Downloads" at the bottom of the screen.

How many issues can I download?

As many as you want during your free access period.

For how long can I save downloaded publications?

For as long as you want. The time limit is to download them, not to read them.

Can I download publications in full?

Yes, you can download the your favourite newspapers or magazines in full. And you can read them in their original print format or, in most cases, in a specific format for easy reading on mobile devices.

Can I be asked for payment for downloading any titles?

The service that Iberia provides is free of charge. Therefore, if you are asked for payment to download a title, you have probably not connected properly or your free download period has expired.

If you are accessing via the Iberia app or the check-in email link, click on it again from the device on which you are going to read the publications.

If you are using a passcode that you have been given in the Premium Lounge and you see a padlock above a publication, go back to pressreader.com/Iberia and enter the code again. If in any doubt, ask the lounge staff.

In how many languages is the PressReader interface available?

The interface is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Arab, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian and Turkish.

Once inside, you have access to content in more than 60 languages. Also, if you have an active internet connection, you can translate part of the content instantly into up to 18 languages.

How can I access PressReader outside the free access period?

Yes, you can access and subscribe to the platform, but in this case the platform terms and conditions apply, not Iberia's. To access the 7,000+ free publications you need to click on the link or use the code that you receive from Iberia.

Who can I contact if I have any other questions?

Customer Services and our social networking channels will provide any additional help you need.

I have not received the e-mail with the PressReader link. Why not?

We enclose the link in the on-line check-in e-mail that we send 24 hours before the flight. If you have not received it this could be for several reasons:

1.- It has gone into your spam folder. Please check.

2.- We do not have your e-mail address, and therefore during this first test phase we cannot send you the message. In this case, and until the second phase begins, we recommend that, if you do not purchase your ticket directly from Iberia, you sign up for the Iberia Plus program and you include your member number in the booking.

3.- If you are not an Iberia Plus member or purchase directly from Iberia, this service will be available via the Iberia app in the second project phase once the test period is over, which will last for about three months.

I am an Air Shuttle member and I have not received the link

Once you have checked in for an Air Shuttle flight through the Iberia app, you can download digital newspapers and magazines 24 hours before the departure of your flight.

See how it applies to flights operated by

  • British Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Finnair