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How do I ask for reimbursement of the amount paid for early seat booking?

Reimbursements for seats that have been paid for are only available under certain circumstances. Consult the terms and conditions[Open in a new window] for further information.
Applications for reimbursements for seats purchased in travel agents' must be processed through the point-of-sale. Reimbursements may not be asked for at airports or on board the planes.
The maximum time for applying for reimbursement is 14 days after the last flight on the route.
Money will always be returned by the same means used to pay for the early seat booking.

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Special requirements for travelling in emergency exit seats

For reasons of safety, these seats are reserved for passengers with sufficient mobility and who can understand the safety instructions (written and oral, in Spanish or English).
These must be strong enough to open the emergency door and be prepared to help if the situation should so require.
Over 15 years of age.

An emergency seat may under no circumstance be occupied by the following:

  • Passengers whose height, build, age or illness prevent them from moving rapidly.
  • Women in an advanced state of pregnancy.
  • Passengers travelling with other people in their charge who might require help in an emergency situation.
  • Customers travelling with animals in the cabin.
  • People who are taking any kind of medication that might affect the requirements.
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Can a seat be booked near the emergency exit?

The seats closest to the emergency exit can be booked on Iberia and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum flights. These include the Tourist XL seats, where clients have more space for their comfort.
These seats are near the emergency exits on the planes, so to be able to use them, passengers must be capable of helping the crew and of meeting certain requirements. Consult the special requirements for emergency seats[Open in a new window]

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Can I pay for an early seat booking using my Avios?

This option is not currently available.

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Can I change my seat booked in advance?

Early seat bookings not requiring payment can be changed at any time from Manage your booking . In seat bookings that have to be paid for in advance, the seat selection cannot be changed on the same flight until the check-in online.
If the fare conditions of your airline ticket to allow you to make changes and you decide to change your flight, you can choose an equivalent seat on your new flight. In the case of early seat bookings that have to be paid for, if there is no equivalent seat available or you change to a cheaper the seat, the extra amount paid will not be reimbursed. If the seat chosen on the new flight is more expensive, you must pay the difference.
Reimbursements of early seat bookings are only available under certain circumstances. Consult the seat early booking policy for further information.

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Can I see a seat map on the plane to choose and book my place?

If your booking provides this option, you can enter booking management for a plan of the plane and seat availability at the time, and book your preference.
Check the seat early booking policy to make your reservation.

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Can I book a seat in advance?

For your greater in-flight comfort and to sit together with your family and travel companions, we offer the possibility of choosing your seat earlier. If your fare does not include the possibility of choosing and reserving a seat, you can do it before you fly at a better price than at the airport. Check theearly seat booking policy, depending on the cabin class you wish to fly in.

You can request your seat from the time you buy your ticket, or later from Booking Management, at Online check-in.

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