Large family discounts

Get a large family discount on your Iberia flights. Find out the terms and conditions of available discounts and when they apply to single-parent families.

Is there a discount for large families?

Ministry of Public Works and Transport Order 3837/2006 establishes discounts on national airfares for members of families with recognised residence in Spain who have a Large Family Card issued by their autonomous community.


Category Discount

General large family

5% discount

Special large family

10% discount


The discount applies, upon request of the beneficiary, to tickets issued in Spain for scheduled flights on all domestic routes. It affects all fares where the value is shown on the ticket, except in the case of Business class fares when the discount is limited to the amount applicable to the Full Economy fare.

The large family account is added to the resident account if both apply. Neither the large family discount or the resident account will be applied retroactively.

Ticket issuing fees, including those for routes under Public Service Obligation, (OSP*), will also be subject to the application of the discount, with the same limitations that apply to the discount for residents and/or large families on the amount already subsidised.

*These routes are: Almería – Melilla, Almería – Seville, Badajoz – Madrid, Barcelona – Badajoz, Granada – Melilla, Ibiza – Menorca, Ibiza – Palma de Mallorca, Madrid – Menorca, Melilla – Seville and Menorca – Palma de Mallorca.

Can I buy tickets on with the large family discount?

The large family discount is applied directly on Just select your particular category and the discount code during the purchasing process. This subsidy is granted by the Spanish government and does not apply if you choose to pay for tickets with Avios.

If you are taking an Air Shuttle flight or a flight with an Iberia code operated by Vueling, you will have to book by telephone on +45  80 711 697.

The large family discount only applies if all the passengers in the booking are eligible for it, if the booking only includes domestic routes and if the holder's status is valid until the end date of the trip.

Remember, you will need to show your Large Family Card when you check in or board, so don't forget to bring it with you along with your other travel documents. Iberia will be obliged to deny boarding to passengers with discounted tickets who cannot show their card.

Is there a discount for single-parent families?

Ministry of Public Works Order 3837/2006 establishes that the large family discount for national airfares covers single-parent widow families with two dependant children.