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How long is a ticket valid for?

A ticket is proof of the existence, conclusion and content of a transport contract between an airline and the passenger whose name appears on the ticket.

  • - For one year from the date of issue, so long as no flight coupon has been used, or
  • - For one year from the date the first coupon was used, so long as it was used within a year form when the ticket was issued.
  • If your query is in regard to a change of flight dates, change of itinerary or change in maximum stay permitted at the destination, please contact Serviberia directly or any Iberia office to consult your ticket conditions.
    If your ticket was issued by a travel agency and you have not yet begun your trip, please contact the agency where you purchased the ticket.

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    Can I cancel my ticket and obtain a refund?

    Flight updates due to the evolution of Coronavirus:

    You can check the latest flight updates on coronavirus.
    if your flight is affected you can request for a bonus through Manage your booking.

    This will depend on the tariff chosen. Most of the tariffs where restrictions apply don't allow refunds, returns or changes, and where in some cases they are allowed, there is an associated penalty fee.
    If you purchased your ticket on Iberia.com, please check the refund conditions in the Manage your booking or call our offices . However, if your ticket was purchased through an agency, please contact them directly.


    • The fee for issuing the ticket is non-refundable.

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    Ticket cancellation and refund in the event of death

    Generally, and so long as you present the original death certificate and a photocopy of the Family Book, Iberia will authorise the full reimbursement of a plane ticket in the event of the death of a close relative, i.e., parent, child, spouse or in-law, of the ticket holder.

    Please contact Serviberia directly for handling this request, or see your travel agent if the ticket was issued by a travel agency.

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    Can the final tariff change depending on whether I choose the pre-booking or purchase option?

    No. When you make a reservation via Iberia.com, the price that is shown includes airport taxes.

    Please remember that if you choose the pre-booking option, the reservation will be held for 72 hours, during which they can be purchased at any time by visiting the home page and selecting Manage your booking. If you prefer you can buy your ticket (s) at any Iberia office or Travel Agency. If you choose this latter option, every agency will apply its own table of ticketing fees.

    If this period expires without confirming the purchase, the reservation will be cancelled.

    If you decide to buy the ticket, the issuing of the ticket (s) and charging to your card are performed automatically.

    If you entered a discount with Avios voucher you will need to enter them again when your confirm the booking because the Avios may have changed.

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    Can you change the name on the tickets?

    Changes to names on reservations of seats and/or tickets are NOT allowed. For this reason we ask you to pay special attention when writing the names and family name(s) of the passengers, which must coincide with the documentation they present at the airport on the day of the flight. If the details on the ticket don't coincide with the documentation presented, the right to board the flight may be denied.

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    How do I request proof of having flown, been delayed or having my flight cancelled?

    As a client, you can obtain a receipt through Iberia.com in Claims and Flight Certificates by selecting the Flight Certificates tab.

    Indicate the reason of your flight certificate request:

    • Certificate of proof having flown
    • Certificate of proof not having flown
    • Certificate of delayed flight
    • Certificate of canceled flight
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    I want change the dates/destination/departure point of my ticket, how should I do so?

    If you have made a booking for a flight originating in Spain or from any european origin, and if your fare allows changes, you can now do these online. To do so you need to go to Booking Management.

    If your ticket does not allow changes via Iberia.com, you need to call our Call Centre or go to an Iberia sales office to action them.

    (+593) 1800-00-0974
    Monday to sunday: 09:00-18:00 h. .

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