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  • Accrual on tickets purchased from 29/11/2022:
    - Vueling code operated by Iberia: based on distance flown in miles and fare class
    - Vueling code operated by Vueling: based on cost and fare
  • Redeem: The Avios required to book a flight will depend on the season and the class of the booking. 4,500 Avios are equivalent to a low-season flight within the Iberian Peninsula.

Vueling takes you to more than 130 destinations, including the principal cities in Spain, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. With Vueling you can add Avios to your Iberia Plus balance and use them to get discounts on flights and other benefits offered through the programme. You'll also collect Elite Points to either maintain your card tier or upgrade to the next one.

See Avios table

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How can I earn Avios?

Step 1

Enter your Iberia Plus card number when you book your flight or when you check in.

Step 2

Flown with Vueling in the last 6 months and the Avios are not yet in your account? You have up to six months from the date of your flight to claim them by clicking call center

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