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How do I use my voucher?

Checking and managing your vouchers


Enter your voucher identification code and the e-mail address you used to request it to view the remaining balance, expiry date and conditions of use.


How do I request a refund for my flight in the form of a voucher?

Can I request a refund as a voucher?

Did you buy a ticket but you are not able to fly? You can request a refund in the form of an Iberia voucher in the following cases:

Your voucher: an identification code that you'll get by email

This is what the Iberia voucher looks like: a unique identification code with a random combination of numbers and letters.

  • You will receive it by email within a few days of requesting the refund.

  • If you request a refund for several tickets, you will receive (see image) several vouchers, each with its own identification code.

  • Remember that you can use them separately or combine them. You can use them at "Checking and managing your vouchers".

Iberia Vouchers

How to pay with your voucher

Image of the box used to apply the discount code, voucher or gift card before making the payment

Once you have selected your flight and reached the payment screen, on the right-hand side you'll see a space with the words 'Do you have a voucher, discount code or gift card?'. Enter the voucher code exactly as you received it, bearing in mind any uppercase, lowercase or special characters. Select 'Apply' and that's it! 

We will show you the new price payable: zero if the amount of the selected flight is less than or equal to your voucher balance; and the difference if the purchase amount is greater than your voucher balance.

Remember, if you don't spend the entire balance of your Iberia voucher, you can continue redeeming against for future purchases until you use it up.

Get answers to your questions on Iberia refund vouchers

How long is the voucher valid for?

Check the email in which we sent you the voucher: it contains all the conditions of use, including the expiry date.

You can also check this info in the 'Checking and managing your vouchers' section on this page.

My booking includes several tickets for several passengers. Does each one of them have to request their own voucher?

You only need to submit one request per 'booking code' stating the details of one of the passengers.

One voucher per passenger in the booking will be issued. Each one will include the ticket amount and any ancillaries purchased (seat selection, bags, etc.).

We'll send all the vouchers to the same contact email stated on the form.

How do I use my voucher?

Once you have received your voucher by email:

  • You can use it for any purchase on Iberia.com, except for Iberia Vacaciones packages: Flight + Hotel or Flight + Car.

  • You can redeem it as many times as you want, until you use up the balance.

  • Choose your flights and when you reach the payment screen on our website, enter your voucher code in the box provided.

  • More information


I have several vouchers. Can I combine them to have a single voucher with the entire amount?

You can combine up to 9 vouchers. You can use them in the 'Checking and managing your vouchers ' section. Enter your email and the voucher identification codes from the same booking that you want to combine.

Can I use my voucher to add an extra bag or select a seat?

You can use the voucher to pay for any product or service added to the flight you purchase on the Iberia website.

I have already used my voucher. How can I check the remaining balance?

You can check the remaining amount in your voucher in the 'Checking and managing your vouchers' section on this page. You just have to enter your voucher identification code and the same email that you used when you made the request. We will show you the remaining balance, the expiry date and conditions.

What do I do if I've taken out travel insurance and I've requested a voucher for the ticket amount?

If you purchased Allianz travel insurance with your flight, please, contact the insurance company. To do so, you can either reply to the policy confirmation email or send a new email, indicating the policy number, to comercial.es@allianz.com.

For more information on travel insurance, please click on the following link: https://allianztravel-info.com/es

What do I do if I've hired a car with Iberia-Avis?

If you have a car hire booking, contact Avis to request a refund, if permitted under the terms and conditions in your contract.

To manage a car hire booking, please go to www.rentacar-iberia.com or send an e-mail to reservas.internet@abg.com.

Can I subsequently request a refund for my ticket or exchange the amount on the voucher for cash?

No. The voucher constitutes a full and final refund of your booking. During the request process, we'll ask you for confirmation twice to ensure that you wish to proceed with the voucher refund. Once you have completed the request on our website or through our call centre, the voucher will be issued and your booking will be cancelled. Please also note that you will not be able to exchange the amount on the voucher for cash.

I have a discount code. Is it the same as a voucher?

A discount code and a refund voucher are different products:

  • The voucher is the amount received for the refund of a ticket that you have not used. You can use it once or several times to book at Iberia.com, until the balance has been used up.
  • The discount code is a promotional code that knocks a percentage (10%, 20%...) or fixed amount (€10, €20…) off the total amount of your purchase. You can only use it once.

Can I use my voucher for a Flight + Hotel or Flight + Car holiday package?

The Iberia refund voucher is not valid for the purchase of Iberia Vacaciones packages, unless you have received a specific voucher for the previous purchase of another "flight + hotel" or "flight + car" package from the mailbox vacaciones.iberia@ba.com. In that case, follow the instructions on how to redeem it.

Important note for holders of vouchers for flight cancellations issued before 5 November 2020 and still not used

If this is your case, at Iberia we understand that, given the unexpected duration of the effects of the pandemic on international air transport restrictions and the great length of time that has elapsed since you requested your voucher, during which you have been unable to use it, you may no longer be interested in resuming your travel plans in the short term. We have therefore launched a temporary process to allow people in these cases to request a refund for the voucher.

If you belong to the category of people who can benefit from this initiative, during the course of 2022 you will receive an email from Iberia informing you of the extension of the validity of your voucher and, if you are no longer interested in using it, offering you the opportunity to get a refund of the amount through a link to a form created for this purpose. Please carefully note the deadline for requesting the refund because this opportunity will only be available for a limited time.

IMPORTANT: This initiative is only open to holders of vouchers for flight cancellations issued before 5 November 2020 that have still not been used. Refunds of vouchers cannot be requested in the following cases: i) if the voucher was requested after cancelling a booking, even though the flight wasn't cancelled; ii) if the voucher was issued after 5 November 2020; or iii) if the voucher has been partially used.

I bought my ticket through an agency, my flight was cancelled and the agency won't process my refund request

If you bought your ticket through an agency, your flight was cancelled and the agency won't refund you, you can now request a refund directly from Iberia. We have created this online form so you can submit your request, free of charge.

Are you not interested in a voucher?

In that case, you should please contact trough our regular channels to request other alternatives